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Every year, thousands of donors contribute to Lawrence Technological University to support scholarships, academic programs, athletics and more. These gifts touch every part of campus and have helped to shape your LTU experience! Just as they have “paid it forward,” so can you as you join other members of your graduating class by contributing to the Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Established in 2018, LTU seniors have raised more than $4,000 for important areas at Lawrence Tech. The Senior Class Campaign is your opportunity to leave a mark on LTU's programs or areas that are most meaningful to you.

Who should give? All graduating students from the class of 2022 are encouraged to participate. 

How much should I give? You can contribute any amount that is personally significant to you. What matters most is your participation. Those who make a gift of $20.22 or more in honor of their grad year, will receive a special royal and light blue philanthropy cord to wear at commencement, a senior class gift button, and your name on our donor wall. 

What fund should I support? We encourage you to give back to an area you are passionate about. This could be student life, your individual college, or an athletic team. 

Some featured funds that past donors have given to include: 

  • LTU Scholarship Fund: Pay it forward and support student scholarships, like the ones you may have recieved.
  • Annual Fund: This fund supports the areas of greatest need for emerging opportunities, scholarships, technologies and more.

Not sure of the fund’s name or have a question? Please contact Rachel Vincent at 

Thank you for supporting your fellow Blue Devils!

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