Landon Parent Participation Challenge 2023 - BOOST THE BEAR!

65% of 150 Donor goal
This campaign ended on March 30, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Landon School by clicking here!

We are challenging our Landon community to reach 100% participation in The Landon Fund. Each year we rely on alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, and grandparents to support The Landon Fund, which helps us enhance and enrich the student experience. We hope you will join us and help us boost the bear!

For current parents, we are tracking participation levels for each grade as part of a friendly competition.  If your family has already made an annual gift, thank you!  Your gift has been counted. If you have multiple sons at Landon, your participation will count for each boy's grade.

Below are the current parent participation levels by Grade/Form as of March 21, 2023. Check back for more updates!

Grade/Form           Participation Percentage

         3                                     81%
         4                                     65%
         5                                     72%
         6                                     44%
   Form I                                   39%
   Form II                                  33%
   Form III                                 38%
   Form IV                                 35%
   Form V                                  32%
   Form VI                                 28%

Landon's current giving year is July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. All pledges made now will count towards the participation goal, to be fulfilled by June 30. Please contact or call 301-312-1016.

Tell me more about Annual Giving: The Landon Fund is the school's annual giving program and part of Landon's Capital Campaign. At Landon, we rely on the annual giving program to bridge the gap between the revenue raised through tuition and the total cost of educating every student.  All parents, as well as faculty, alumni, past parents, grandparents and friends are asked to come together annually to show their support. The direct beneficiaries of the money we raise each year are your boy(s)

Why Parent Support Matters: Parent giving dollars makes up more than one third of our total Landon Fund goal each year. Additionally, alumni, prospective parents, corporations and foundations look at the percent of parents who give as a vote of confidence when they invest in the school. Landon has been steadily increasing its parent participation levels the last few years. Let's keep moving these levels UP. Give what you can, but please give. 

Will a small donation really matter? Yes. All donations add up. Last year, the total amount of gifts of $250 or less added up to more than $122,000.  Every dollar makes a difference to the many investments we make all year.

Thank you everyone for your participation and support!


Many thanks to all the parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni and friends who have generously contributed to our BOOST the BEAR spirit campaign!  We are very grateful for your support!  

In two short weeks we have received contributions from families and relatives representing every grade.  From Grade 3 to Form VI, Landon families are showing their support to help us reach our $1.65MM goal. 

Let's keep it going! GO BEARS!

506 days ago by Michael McCabe

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