Landon Parent Participation Challenge

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This campaign ended on March 14, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Landon School by clicking here!

From March 2 - 12, we are challenging the Landon Parent community to reach 100% participation in the Landon Fund. Simply put, the challenge is about your family's participation. If you have not yet made a gift this year, please consider a gift or pledge of any size to support our boys and faculty. If your family already made an annual gift, thank you and you will be counted. If you have multiple sons at Landon, your participation will count for each boy's grade.

Below is the current parent participation levels by Grade/Form as of March 1, 2021. Check back for more updates!

Landon's giving year is July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All pledges made now will count towards the participation goal, to be fulfilled by June 30. Please contact or call 301-312-1016.

As a fun incentive, we are planning PRIZES for boys in the Grade/Form with highest participation rate - one Grade/Form per division.


Tell me more about Annual Giving: The Landon Fund is the school's annual giving program, which is the most important fundraising effort each school year. At Landon, we rely on the annual giving program to bridge the gap between the revenue raised through tuition and the total cost of educating every student.  All parents, as well as faculty, alumni, past parents, grandparents and friends are asked to come together annually to show their support. The direct beneficiaries of the money we raise each year are your boy(s)

Why Parent Support Matters: Parent giving dollars makes up more than one third of our total Landon Fund goal each year. Additionally, alumni, prospective parents, corporations and foundations look at the percent of parents who give as a vote of confidence when they invest in the school. Landon has been steadily increasing its parent participation levels the last few years. Let's keep moving these levels UP. Give what you can, but please give. 

Will my small donation really matter? Yes. All donations add up. Every dollar makes a difference to the many investments we make all year. If one hundred parents give $100, that's $10,000 to fund a need(s) in our classrooms, libraries, athletic and art departments. 

We are proud of our teachers, who have worked tirelessly to enhance the knowledge and curiosity of the boys including professional development to enhance their skills as virtual educators while also focusing on critical areas such as ethics, service and mental well being. Their commitment is inspiring and their care is boundless.

We are proud of our students, whose resilient spirits push us forward every day. Their creativity, adaptability, and desire to learn gives us hope for the future. They energize us to forge ahead and reinforce the belief in our mission.

We are proud of our families and parents like you, who have juggled so much with patience, perseverance, and fortitude. We are proud to have your partnership and confidence to implement both in person and hybrid learning models, and your collective efforts to keep your sons and the community safe. We can't thank you enough.

Here's why your gift this year is more important than ever: 

  • Landon has responded quickly to the evolving needs of our students and teachers throughout the pandemic. Your gifts to the Landon Fund provides us with the flexibility to provide to many critical areas and to fund the significant amount of investments required to open school safely. This includes PPE for on-campus learning, advanced technology and faculty professional development to elevate our virtual learning. These dollars are critical.
  • Due to economic hardships caused by the pandemic, the need for financial aid has increased significantly. We are proud to be able to assist more families, thanks in large part to the generosity of donors like you.

 Thank you everyone for your participation and support!

Parent Participation by Grade/Form - March 12, 2021 Final

Parent Participation By Grade/Form - March 12, 2021FINAL
Grade 369%
Grade 468%
Grade 570%
Grade 651%
Form I58%
Form II62%
Form III47%
Form IV51% 
Form V37%
Form VI45%
** This reflects all family participation from July 1, 2020 to March 12, 2021
1227 days ago by Victoria Kidd
Parent Participation by Grade/Form - March 7, 2021

Grade 344%
Grade 456%
Grade 550%
Grade 644%
Form I47%
Form II48%
Form III39%
Form IV37%
Form V30%
Form VI35%
1233 days ago by Victoria Kidd
Parent Participation by Grade/Form - March 1, 2021

Grade/Form Parent Participation
Grade 3 38%
Grade 4 50%
Grade 5 48%
Grade 6 42%
Form I 44%
Form II 44%
Form III 38%
Form IV 37%
Form V 28%
Form VI 34%
1241 days ago by Victoria Kidd

Parent Participation by Grade - New Donors The Parent Participation by Grade - New Donors reflects giving from Current Parents
AffiliationDonors$ Raised%
Form I6$3,7008.0
Form II18$6,25024.0
Form III10$10,52513.3
Form IV10$3,54513.3
Form V9$2,82512.0
Form VI10$2,43613.3
Grade 34$2,2585.3
Grade 46$5,2508.0
Grade 512$6,88716.0
Grade 66$6,6258.0
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