Foresters Forward: 2019 Challenge

This campaign ended on May 10, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Lake Forest College by clicking here!

YOUNG ALUMNI CHALLENGE is a tradition at Lake Forest College that educates seniors about the importance of giving back.

WHY GIVE BACK? Look around you: the campus and the community that you’re now a part of has been made better by those who came before you and made gifts to Lake Forest.

Say thank you and make a gift to honor a professor, friend, teammate, or student organization.

You decide where to put your gift to work! Your gift can support student life, scholarships, the science center, career services, athletics, or ACCESS | The Campaign—just to name a few.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PARTICIPATION—The percentage of alumni who contribute to Lake Forest College increases our national ranking in publications like U.S. News & World Report. In other words, it’s not the amount you give. It’s what it stands for.

EVERY DOLLAR RAISED WILL BE MATCHED BY THE LAKE FOREST COLLEGE ALUMNI BOARD. (i.e. When you give $10, the College's Alumni Board will give $10, doubling your impact.)

Class of 2019 Committee

Susie Baca
Arnold Boros
Maria Bouzarelos Kopta
Elze Demiri
Altin Kukaj
Bron Loiselle
Jules Mauriello
Carter Ostrander
Kiefer Price
Robert Simovic
James Smith
Koffivi Vonor
Michelle Zakson
Maria Zepeda



Designation Leaderboard

Scholarships 41$997
Greatest need 29$608
Arts/Humanities 18$573
Sciences/STEM 14$316
Other 12$708
Career Services 6$281
Faculty 5$256
Campus Improvements 5$169

Donor affiliations

98% Senior Class

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Donor list

Chris Edomwande
Marti Rosen
Alma Zahirovic
Keara Schweiger
Connor Zeffiro
Justina Zyszczynski
Lillian A Pedersen
Ridwaan Ismail
Moyosore TaiwoMoyosore Taiwo photo
Savannah Halcomb
Sophia Cohn
Dean Arthur Jepsen
Abby Samuelson
Abby J Cooper
Peter George Iliopoulos
Diane, C, Chung
Morgen Malte
Susannah Delegeane
Austin J Conn
Bryan Sargent
Courtney Prais
Ann Odaini
Alexa Bruni
Rodrigo Sanchez
Claudia M. Cajiao
Arnold BorosArnold Boros photo
Ricky Schmidt
Ayesha Quraishi
Luca Ferincz
Justyna Kubek
Justyna Kubek
Thomas, P, Galanopoulos
Alexandra O’Bryan

Lake Forest College Alumni Board matched $2,216
No Challenges

Senior donors who makes a minimum $10 recurring yearly gift will be recognized as a Loyalty Circle Guardian Society member.