LCSGives Fall 2021

This campaign ended on November 22, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Lake Country School by clicking here!

LCS Gives Annual Fund, provides the essential unrestricted dollars needed to enhance the educational experience at Lake Country School and allows us to provide our students with all the opportunities that make LCS unique.  

Now more than ever, we are so grateful for our community's generosity. At a time when everything feels uncertain, we find comfort and encouragement knowing how much the Lake Country School community cares. We are incredibly lucky to have such a generous community who, even in the face of uncertain times, have remained unwavering in support of our school. It does not go unnoticed and it plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission.



Donor affiliations

16% Parents of Alumni

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8% Alumni

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59% Parents

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4% Friends

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5% Grandparents

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17% Current/Former LCS Staff

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Donor list

Kristen Murphy
Kevin Miller
Thomas Fitzgerald
Kiara Powell
Trinh-Sy Family
Andrew Lee and Cassie Wilkins
Kelly and Jon Miller
Angela and John Mullin
Margaret sweeney
Harrison McLean
Antti Rantasaari
Rebekah and David Crosby
Zachary Rothschild
Jennifer Fallon and Ben Montrella
teresa o duggan
Jeanne M Payer
Christian Grimm
Brent Love
Jack Ferraro
Sharon Ferraro
Danny Wells
Eric and Sarah Kellogg
Chouhei Mullin
Aron Khoury
Sharon Moudry
Sylia Wilson
Christine Albertsson
Molly Larsen
Scott Moriarity
Offenhauser, Julia
Tom Pinney & Lisa Lynch
Svetlana Zablotskaya
Stephanie Grotta & Don Colberg
Carl Banner and Terri Schmidt
Ben and Michelle Moudry

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