25 for 25 K Club Challenge

By Knox College Athletics

This campaign ended on April 01, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Knox College by clicking here!


Thanks to the support from you - alumni, parents, staff and friends of Knox College - we have met the 25 for 25 Challenge put forth by Dave '69 and Julie Ladner '70 to raise $25,000 in the month of March.  Because of your generosity and support, the Ladner's matched your donations.  That's $50,000 towards enhancing our student-athlete experiences and providing our coaches the resources to recruit the next generation of Prairie Fire athletes.  In my 10 years as Athletic Director, I have never been as excited as I am today about Knox Athletics and our future. With great pride and enthusiasm, I say.....


Chad Eisele '93


Almost There - $300 to go in K Club Challenge

Thank you K Club donors.  We are close to making history for athletics at Knox College. We have received 71 gifts in support of the wonderful 30-day challenge put forth by alums Dave '69 and Julie Ladner '70. Your gifts have come to us both through this site and as well as straight to campus. With all gifts combined, we are just $300 dollars from crossing the finish line and meeting the $50,000 combined goal for the 25 for 25 K Club Challenge. If you know a donor or two who could cross the line with us, please share this message with them.
K Club gifts support all varsity sports at Knox and give Athletic Director Chad Eisele '93 and his coaches the flexibility to meet student and team needs as they arise.  So what's so historical about this year's effort? The K Club will raise as much from your generosity in one year as the previous five years combined!  Over $100,000. Prairie Fire student-athletes and coaches appreciate your support and they are lucky to have you all in the stands with them. As today is Donor Day at Knox, where we celebrate YOU and our many other wonderful donors, we can truly say YOU ARE AMAZING!



UPDATE:  We are within reach of the final goal with only $1,300 more to be raised to reach the $25,000 goal which secures the full challenge gift from the Ladners.  We have until the end of day Thursday, March 31.  Your gifts this year are creating an amazing experience for our student-athletes and coaches. Because of you, the K Club has raised the largest amount of gifts ever for Knox Athletics. Go Fire... 


The Knox College K Club set an ambitious goal this year to raise at least $100,000 for Knox Athletics. That's more than three times past K Club annual fundraising totals. Thanks to 250 donors this year, we're nearing that goal. 

Two alumni, David '69 and Julie Stolarski Ladner '70, have given Knox Athletics a wonderful incentive to push further, faster. They will commit $25,000 to the K Club for this year if other Knox athletes join them and match their $25,000 by March 31.  That’s $50,000 in one month.

Join the K Club today, or increase the gift you’ve already made this year. Every dollar you give will be matched by the Ladners up to $25,000 in total. 

In addition, join us by challenging your fellow teammates. Talk about it on social media with your Knox friends. Make phone calls. Encourage everyone you know to go "all in" for Knox Athletics.

With your K Club support:

  • 1. Our coaches will have the resources to expand recruiting efforts;
  • 2. Current and future student-athletes will have enhanced training and
        competition opportunities;
  • 3. And we will continue to build on our successes of being a force in the
        historic Midwest Conference.

Please join us in making Knox College sports history by March 31. Make your gift NOW.

Go Fire!

Topper Steinman '70    &     Harley Knosher



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2012 1$0
2011 1$0
2010 1$100
2009 2$100
2008 1$100
2006 1$25
2005 1$50
2004 1$50
2003 2$1,000
2001 1$100
2000 1$100
1999 1$25
1998 1$0
1997 1$300
1993 3$2,978
1992 1$100
1991 1$100
1990 2$500
1989 2$3,500
1988 1$300
1987 1$0
1986 1$75
1985 3$1,300
1983 1$200
1982 1$100
1981 1$200
1980 2$250
1978 1$100
1977 1$25
1975 1$1,000
1974 4$1,600
1973 1$0
1972 5$1,200
1971 2$300
1970 5$150
1968 2$0
1965 2$100
1961 1$50
1958 2$1,000
1954 1$0
1953 1$0

Donor affiliations

84% Alumni

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9% Parents

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11% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Dave Plomin
Andrew Schwartz
Valerie J Blevins
Rory Wagner
Bill Allison
Kyle Anderson
Bill Fuerst
David T Anderson
Gene Rose
Lee Woolley
Chad Campanelli
Mark Janicik
Darren Smith
Christopher and Elizabeth Hickey
Chad Eisele
mark chelmowski
Anthony BalthazorAnthony Balthazor photo
Martin & Helen Katz
Josh Fourdyce
Paul Shimotake
Katie Schneider
Reed R. Allison
John Flood
Ken Grimm
Dushan Petrovich
Tighe Burke
Peter Bailley
Susan Haerr Zucker & Paul Zucker
Anne-Marie Berk
Jon Betts
James Clark
Steven Luetger
Laura Rosene
Gene Brandt
Damon and Carolyn Tomeo
William Baker
Meghan Genovese
Edie Mitsuuchi-SmithEdie Mitsuuchi-Smith photo
Jim Ramsey
Julie Scannell

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