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This campaign ended on June 11, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Kenyon College by clicking here!
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Charlotte Bahin photoCharlotte Bahin matched $12,000

An Anonymous DonorKenyon Fund Executive Committee matched $15,000

An Anonymous Donor2020 Parent Challenge matched $7,980

An Anonymous DonorPresident Sean Decatur & William E. Lowry Jr. '56 H'99 matched $20,000

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $2,525

An Anonymous DonorChristopher K. Eaton '89 & Colleen R. Siders Eaton '87 together with Edwin H. Eaton Jr. '60 H'03 P'89; Christopher P. Toft '89 & Nicole Dunn Toft '92 & Heidi Lodish Steinert '89 P'21 & Eric C. Steinert '89 P'21 matched $30,000

An Anonymous DonorParents Advisory Council matched $37,000

An Anonymous DonorJohn A. Woollam matched $50,000

An Anonymous DonorMatt Voorhees '95 matched $50,000

Matt Winkler photoMatt Winkler '77 P'13 matched $75,000
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This challenge was created as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, which has cost Kenyon more than $7 million since March. Our annual funds are down by more than $600,000 and the College is facing a fiscal year end deadline of June 30 to make up whatever ground we can to support student scholarships, faculty salaries and resources and care for Kenyon’s campus. 

This spring, in the face of an unprecedented challenge, we watched our faculty, staff and students step up to finish the school year strong and with a great deal of innovation. We saw alumni do their part to pitch in during a global pandemic. And, though it has been difficult to keep our distance physically, we learned that even when we are apart, we are still Kenyon Together.

It is in that spirit that we launch this 36-hour online giving challenge. We are asking every member of the Kenyon family to come together and give at whatever level possible to support our students with a gift to the Kenyon Fund or Kenyon Parents Fund. Maybe in the past you’ve assumed that others are giving to Kenyon and your dollars don’t make a difference. This is the year to challenge that notion. We look forward to your help demonstrating the combined strength of Kenyon, ultimately helping us cross the finish line on budget for fiscal year 2020.

Our Kenyon Together goal is to inspire 500 gifts in 36 hours from across the Kenyon community.

Even if you’ve already given to Kenyon this year, we hope those of you in a position to do so will consider making a gift designated to one of these key areas to help us reach our Kenyon Together goals:

  • Area of Greatest Need
    Allow the College the flexibility to put your gift toward an area of need that requires the most immediate attention.
  • Student Emergency Assistance Fund
    Make an immediate impact on the lives of students faced with unexpected expenses due to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly the 91 students granted permission to remain on campus due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Black Student Union
    Earmark your gift for the BSU, established to further understanding of the ever-changing perspective of the Black student at Kenyon.
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Give toward the ODEI, which collaborates with diverse student organizations on cultural, awareness and celebratory events such as LGBTQ+ Awareness, Women’s History, Black History, Native American Heritage, Latino Heritage and more.
  • Academic Support
    Help Kenyon continue to attract excellent professors, maintain small classes, expand research and other enrichment opportunities for students, and provide ample, up-to-date resources for laboratories and classroom.
  • Athletics and Fitness
    Support the College’s rich tradition of excellence outside of the classroom by helping to fund athletic and recreational activities that large numbers of students value and depend on-for health, personal growth, a balanced life, and leadership opportunities.

To make a recurring gift, a pledge or support a designation not listed here, visit or send an email to to have a member of our staff contact you personally.

Kenyon, Together!

Thank you to each and every single person who responded to this moment and gave to support Kenyon. Your gifts speak to the lifelong bonds each student forms here and the lasting affection you have for Kenyon. 

We have a number of donors and gifts that came through other channels yet to add to our total, as if it wasn’t impressive enough already! We’re excited to share final results with you tomorrow, but the fact is: you helped raise nearly $1,000,000! 

Until then, please accept our deepest gratitude — and congratulations! You’ve been an integral part of something amazing for Kenyon.

495 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Amazing! 1,500 donors!

With less than five hours remaining, the numbers keep climbing! All we can say is thank you for being part of something so amazing for the Kenyon community. Your gifts provide Kenyon with vitally needed resources to support students in and out of the classroom.

We have now received gifts from more than triple our original donor goal, thanks to you! But we’re not finished!

There are still matches and challenges available! You can use your own personal links from GiveCampus to share with your friends and invite them to join you in being part of this wonderful moment for Kenyon. 

And, again, thank you!

495 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Kenyon Together: We’re in the homestretch!

We’re three-quarters of the way through our 36-hour giving challenge and we continue to be amazed by the support we have seen from our Kenyon community. You and our volunteers have helped us motivate nearly 1,200 donors — on our way to three times the goal we set for this challenge! We’d like to send a special thank you to the group of volunteers who participated in last night’s phonathon, which generated more than a dozen pledges and a total of more than $25,000 for Kenyon! 

There is certainly much to celebrate as we head into the last 11 hours of this giving challenge, but we can still use your help spreading the word. Some wonderful match opportunities remain. Help us reach out to your Kenyon network to make sure they know about their opportunity to boost their impact with a gift to Kenyon before 9 p.m. ET tonight:

  • Just for Alumni: Approximately $13,000 remains to match gifts from alumni of any class year, and another $25,000 has just been added by Matt Voorhees ‘95 to match $3 per $1 for gifts from Young Alumni (Classes of 2006-2019).

  • Just for the Classes of 1957, 1962, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1984, 1985, 1989, 1995, 1999: Thanks to the generosity of many donors who are currently matching $1 per $1, you can double the impact of your gift while matching funds remain

  • Just for Class of 1961: John A. Woollam is matching $2 per $1 donated up to $50,000.

  • Just for Class of 1978: Charlotte Bahin is matching $100 per donor up to $12,000.

  • Just for Parents of the Class of 2020: 2020 Parent Challengers are matching $1 per $1 donated up to $19,000.

  • Just for the Kenyon Fund Pope Scholarship President Sean Decatur and William E. Lowry Jr. ’56 H ’99 are matching $2 per $1 donated up to $20,000.

Our incredible donors continue to add to this list of matches, even as we enter the homestretch of our challenge.

As always, thank you for all you do to support Kenyon!

495 days ago by Molly Gutridge
$75,000 in new matching funds announced!

Thank you so much for being part of an incredible show of support from the Kenyon community. We have blown past our donor goal with another 27 hours to go!

All of this comes at an incredibly difficult time for the nation and following a remote semester unlike any other at the College. 

Matthew A. Winkler ’77 H’00 P’13, a member of the Kenyon Board of Trustees, announced his desire to recognize the “unparalleled leadership” of President Sean Decatur at this time by offering a $1 to $1 match for all gifts from Kenyon alumni and parents — up to $75,000.

Winkler announced his match with gratitude to President Decatur for: “his undaunted courage, optimism and affinity with Kenyon students, parents, faculty, administrative staff and alumni — an exceptional achievement, especially now in these most perilous times.”

496 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Wow! 500 donors in under 4 hours! (And we're not through yet.)

Wow! Thank you to everyone who gave this morning and helped us reach our 500 donor goal in just under four hours! Way to go, Kenyon people!

Now let’s keep this thing going.

Our challenge was originally created to help make up as much as possible of the loss resulting from the COVID-19 crisis — $600,000. We’re almost half-way there, with 32 hours to go!

Your generosity is inspiring donors across the country — check out that map — and new challenges are being issued frequently, helping to double (or triple!) the impact of your gift. 

A special shout out to all the alumni in Classes 2006 to 2019 who met their first $15,000 match! One of our trustees has stepped up to offer an additional $25,000 match for these classes, so keep up the good work! Thank you all!

496 days ago by Molly Gutridge
250+ have already joined Kenyon Together!

What a way to kick off a giving challenge! Kenyon Together doesn’t officially launch for 12 hours, and we are already more than half way to our goal of inspiring 500 gifts! 

Thank you to each of our donors for stepping up for Kenyon. Special thanks to Kyra Green ’17 for going the extra mile to make our first personal plea video (see below), and to Sam Barone ’72 and Susan Berger ’85 for keeping the momentum going with their own videos. 

Help us continue to spread the word over the next 48 hours by sharing Kenyon Together on social media, drafting a personal email to your friends or uploading your own video about why you support Kenyon. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As always, thank you for your loyal support!

497 days ago by Molly Gutridge

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