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This campaign ended on May 20, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Kenyon College by clicking here!
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Earlier this year, Kenyon announced some truly outstanding news: a $100 million anonymous gift to build three strategically important new residence halls on South Campus. (Wow, right?!)

There is no doubt that $100 million is a lot of money and we are tremendously grateful for the gift. However, as counterintuitive as it may seem, it doesn’t change the fact that Kenyon still relies on gifts — of all sizes — to support today’s students and offset the costs of COVID.

Here’s why your gift still matters:

  • The $100 million has no impact on the operating budget, which touches every aspect of the student experience, including scholarships and financial aid.
  • Every fiscal year, the College relies on gifts to the Kenyon Fund and Kenyon Parents Fund to help make up the difference from endowment payout and tuition revenue. Your gifts keep tuition down.
  • COVID has cost the College. Although we’ve been able to maintain a balanced budget with cuts that don’t affect the student experience, the pandemic has resulted in $32 million in lost revenue. As a gift for new housing, the $100 million has no impact on this.
  • There really is strength in numbers. We know that young alumni fresh off graduation likely can’t make large investments in Kenyon, but when we say thank you for the $20, we really mean it. Because those $10, $20 and $50 gifts add up! And can go directly to financial aid or Student Support Funds, so students don’t have to worry about coming up with that money.
  • Your gift today can be the beginning (or the next step!) in your lifelong tradition of supporting the place that means so much to you. Currently, 58% of alumni have made a gift to Kenyon during the Our Path Forward to the Bicentennial campaign. 
    We’re Kenyon; we're reaching higher!

Show your support for Kenyon and today’s students by making a gift today, then challenge your friends!

Direct Your Gift
Thank you!!

You did it! Your gift, along with those from 1294 other alumni, parents, faculty and staff, friends and students helped bring in a total of $662,056 for Kenyon! (And a few more gifts will still be added overnight!) Thank you for supporting students at the end of this disruptive academic year. 

We hope this is our last pandemic fundraiser, but just the beginning (or continuation) of your tradition of supporting Kenyon. Even when not paying for COVID-19 tests, quarantine housing and plexiglass, Kenyon still has a need for your support every year for scholarships and other areas of the student experience. Thank you for being part of Kenyon Together 2021!

367 days ago by Molly Gutridge
1050 Donors and counting -- 90 minutes left!

To help push us through the FINAL TWO HOURS of Kenyon Together, the Board of Trustees will be offering a $50/donor match, up to $10,000, starting at 7:00PM ET. THANK YOU to those who have already given, and those who are planning to join us!

367 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Support Kenyon Student-Athletes

Don't miss our 4pm ET virtual reunion event, The State of Athletics at Kenyon. 

The Department of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation invites you to join our coaches and staff as we connect about the success of our student-athletes on and off the field. There will be a brief presentation of the departmental updates since the introduction of Director of Athletics, Jill McCartney, that include department mission and facility enhancements and coaches will provide season and program updates.

Support Kenyon's student-athletes by selecting the "Athletics & Fitness" designation when you make your gift to Kenyon Together.

367 days ago by Molly Gutridge
200 donors to goal!

We’re within sight of the finish line, thanks to all of you! Special shout out to the Classes of 2011, 1999, 2004 and 1991 who are leading the way in participation by class, but 1989 is rising quickly. Check out our full leaderboard below to see where your class ranks — and then ask your friends to help boost your standing!

367 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Tell your friends and help us bring this thing home

Thank you for an amazing first day! After this bananas and challenging year, we are grateful for your decision to take time to support Kenyon and its students. We hope that you’re beginning to see some semblance of normalcy in your life — your gift will help Kenyon on that same path. Onward to 1,000 donors! You can help us meet our goals for students by telling your classmates to join you in giving today (before the challenge ends at 9 p.m.)!

368 days ago by Molly Gutridge
500 Donors! Thank you!

Thanks to each and every one of you who have combined to get us halfway to our goal of 1,000 donors! And there are still more than 20 hours left in our 36-hour challenge! As our seniors get ready for Commencement on Friday (woo!) and other students begin their summers, we deeply appreciate you taking the time to show your encouragement and support with your gift.

368 days ago by Molly Gutridge
Hear from more Kenyon students and alumni about why your support matters...

During Kenyon Together, all gifts to ODEI's Student Support Funds designation will go directly to benefit students like Araya. 

Also be sure to check out our ongoing matches for the Philander Chase Conservancy, the only college or university-established land trust in the country, and the Kenyon Farm, where student farmers live on the property and manage the care of the animals as well as the growing and harvesting of field crops.

368 days ago by Luisa Barone Gantt
Kenyon students are counting on YOU!

Whether you direct your support toward scholarships and financial aid, ODEI, or any of our other designations, every gift directly impacts current students’ experiences at Kenyon. After a year unlike any in College history — including $32 million in lost revenue due to the disruption of COVID-19 — your gift has never mattered more.

369 days ago by Molly Gutridge

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Matt Winkler, G'77 P'13 H'00 photo
Matt Winkler, G'77 P'13 H'00
matched a total of $75,000
Matt Voorhees '95 photo
Matt Voorhees '95
matched a total of $60,000
The 1981 Reunion Planning Committee photo
The 1981 Reunion Planning Committee
matched a total of $40,000
The Parents Advisory Council photo
The Parents Advisory Council
matched a total of $29,000
President Sean Decatur photo
President Sean Decatur
matched a total of $20,000
The Kenyon Fund Executive Committee photo
The Kenyon Fund Executive Committee
matched a total of $15,000
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matched a total of $10,000
Philander Chase Conservancy Directors photo
Philander Chase Conservancy Directors
matched 25 gifts for a total of $10,000
Stephanie Curtis Harman photo
Stephanie Curtis Harman
matched a total of $10,000
Kenyon's Board of Trustees photo
Kenyon's Board of Trustees
matched a total of $10,000