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This campaign ended on October 23, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Johns Hopkins University by clicking here!

Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but don’t exist yet. It is coming up with an amazing idea and working tirelessly on it.  It is learning to be a better programmer. It is collaborating for creative design. Because success is built upon failure, it is to fail, fail again, and fail better.

Today, we are asking you to support HopHacks, the Johns Hopkins student group dedicated to providing and outlet for hackers whose goal is to improve our communities. HopHacks is a bi-annual hackathon hosted at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This event brings together engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to explore new ideas, compete for prizes, and create amazing applications— all in just 36 hours.

For 9 days we ask all Hackers to unite and raise much needed funds to grow our hackathons and provide access to innovate freely. Your support will make our hacking, and our brighter future, possible.

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Алексей Ковалёв
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