2020! Hopkins Senior Class Gift

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Johns Hopkins University by clicking here!

The 2020 Senior Class Giving Campaign is all about improving the Hopkins Experience for our fellow classmates and future Blue Jays. We are a group of dedicated freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors working as the Student Philanthropy Association to teach our peers about the importance of giving back and leaving a little legacy. Your legacy doesn't mean giving a lot of $$$, it means making it better for the next generation. 

Whether it is volunteering for President's Day of Service, making care packages for the Children's Center families during Step-Up week, being a golf-cart driver during Homecoming, or donating much needed funds and resources to your student group - your generosity is making us better - together. 

Every year, the Senior Class Giving Campaign urges our graduating seniors to consider the impact of a financial donation - just $5.20 is all it takes to help a club sport buy team jerseys or provide much needed funding for the Dean's Student Emergency Fund. Seniors, like our alumni, have full control over what they want to support and it starts with you making your first donation today. 

We can't make Hopkins better without you


Ideas of what your donation can do:

  • To a Student Group: Provide more resources for group activities, purchase equipment, costumes, cover the cost of excursions, purchase advertisements, and more.
  • To a Scholarship, Dean's Student Emergency Fund, or Financial Aid: Gives others access to affordable higher education with less time spent worrying about finances and more time enjoying their Hopkins experience.
  • To a Sports Team: Pays for coaching and support staff salaries, buys new equipment, pays for travel costs, and swag.

The Student Philanthropy Association is proudly led by:

Tumasi Agyapong `20 Co-Chair; Sophia Diodati `20 Co-Chair; William Engfer `20; Fiona Pham `20; Michael Shen `20; CJ Arena `21 Co-Chair; Liv Brown `21 Co-Chair; Henri Behaeghel `21; Rowan Houlihan `21; Ted Murren `21; Addy Perlman `21; Taisse Yang `21; Ethan Underweiser `22 Co-Chair; Ellie Chang `22 Co-Chair; Miri Cazes `22; Dean Ahdab `22; Bridgette Kim `23; 

Mission: We involve our undergraduate classmates in conversations and education regarding the impact of alumni support and philanthropy. Through engaging programs and the Senior Class Giving Campaign we aim to create a philanthropic student community that is poised to continue to support the Hopkins undergraduate community as alumni. 

There's no winner here - but check out where the class of 2020 is leaving their legacy!

Other 126$3,0889.0%
Student Org Funding 35$3682.5%
Krieger School Hopkins Fund - Financial Aid 17$1781.2%
Whiting School Hopkins Fund - Financial Aid 15$2221.1%
Center for Social Concern 11$1370.8%
Krieger School Hopkins Fund - Student Experience 5$490.4%
JHU Newsletter 5$580.4%
JHU, Office of Sustainability 5$380.4%
Whiting School Hopkins Fund - Student Experience 4$510.3%
Student Emergency Fund 2$250.1%
The Career Treks Program 1$50.1%

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Ted Oh
Jaylyn Gillis
Emnet Atlabachew
Liam Moylan
Brent Thomas
Sofia Cuenca Aguirre
Cole Williams
Connor Jacobs
Cesar Saldarriaga
Sarah Abella
Alicja Tomaszewski
Carly Lupton-Smith
Tiger Gao
Maya Lapinski
Patricia and Henry Overly
Destiny Staten
Jazmine Randle
Kowsar Ahmed
Aditya Joshi
Byron D'Mello
Andrew King
Gabriel Fernandes
Juan Sanfiel
Shivani Bisen
Sophia Strickland
sheng Chiu
Aurelia Glass
Caterina Esposito
Andrew Wu
Tiffany Thomas
Isabella Wilson
Isaree Pitaktong
Alan Fang
Rachelle Liu
Alexis Nelsen

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