Carroll Cares

This campaign ends on May 31 at 11:59PM EDT

As we face the uncertainty of these days, weeks, and months ahead, we are sure of one thing: Carroll Cares. 

We take care of each other, our loved ones, our communities and our world. Carroll Cares is a campaign to showcase how the John Carroll community is coming together in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to support one another and the University that we love so much.

You can join the Carroll Cares campaign by sharing your story and, if you are able, by supporting the Carroll Fund or the Carroll Cares Emergency Relief Fund. There are also many other ways to support the JCU community in non-financial ways.

Together, we look forward to the future with hope.

Across our community, we see faculty, staff and students exemplifying the #CarrollCares spirit. Explore their stories:

Students Unite in a Prayer of Hope

Explore More Stories >

Share the #CarrollCares Campaign & Your Story

Spread the word about #CarrollCares on social media. At the top of the page are buttons to share via email, text, Facebook and Twitter. It's that easy! Over half of the money raised to date has come from this type of sharing.

You can share YOUR story right here! Create a short "selfie" video and upload it directly to this campaign* (go to the Advocates tab). Consider sharing:

  • What JCU means to you or how it has shaped you!
  • How do you embody the spirit of #CarrollCares?
  • Share how you have been adapting in the midst of this pandemic.

Help Hire a Blue Streak

> Share a job opportunity for the Class of 2020 or fellow JCU alumni. > Create a project-based virtual internship opportunity this summer. > Participate in virtual career programs for student over the summer and into the 20-21 academic year. If you are able to help in any or all of the ways above, simply complete this short form and we will be in touch.


Spotlight a Deserving Alum

If you know of fellow alumni on the front lines of this pandemic, who deserve a spotlight during this time, let us know and we may profile them as a source of inspiration.

Thank our Faculty & Staff

JCU Faculty and Staff have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic to keep the operations of the University functioning efficiently, while we continue to serve our students. Was there a memorable Faculty or Staff member during your time at JCU? Send them a note of encouragement! Access our Campus Directory here.

Some of you may be facing financial challenges of your own. Please know that our thoughts are with you during this difficult time and we kindly ask that you support John Carroll University in any way that you can right now.

Make a gift - of any amount - to the Carroll Fund or the Carroll Cares Emergency Relief Fund to support the University's urgent needs. Every dollar counts.

The Carroll Fund: The Area of Greatest Need

The University is saving where we can and should, but now more than ever, the Carroll Fund must help us meet the challenge of these unexpected costs. During this pandemic, support for the Carroll Fund allows the University to be flexible when responding to the changing needs of our students and community. 

The Carroll Cares Emergency Relief Fund

100% of all donations to the Carroll Cares Emergency Relief Fund enable the University to better support the move of all courses and student support online. All gifts to the Emergency Relief Fund will be used to address immediate unexpected and unbudgeted needs, such as:

  • Technology support, software enhancements, and licenses for online remote learning. Within 7 days, 100% of our faculty moved all of their courses online for the remaining of the semester.
  • Purchasing new Zoom software and expanding licenses to deliver courses online for students, as well as continuing operations of the University.
  • Purchasing computers or web hot spots for the highest need students – who did not have any access to laptops, computers or internet – so they could continue their studies.
  • Providing staff with additional resources to move Student Support 100% online, including Campus Ministry, the Career Center, the Counseling Center and more.
  • The On-Campus Food Pantry offers students in need with confidential access to nonperishable food items during the week.

Learn more about the Emergency Relief Fund

CARES Act Philanthropic Provisions 

Congress recognizes the importance of continued charitable giving and they have allowed corporate and individual donors to maintain or increase their giving in order to support the missions they most hold dear. Click here to review the key provisions of the new CARES Act that are designed to help you make a gift in support of John Carroll’s mission and our students.

Inspire your friends and classmates by creating a matching gift or challenge:

  • Matches are based on dollars donated, not the number of donors. Example: I will match donations made by the Class of 1995, up to $200.
  • Challenges are focused on the number of donors who support JCU. Example: I will donate $100 if 10 fellow class of 2018 alumni donate.

> To create a matching gift or challenge, click on the appropriate button on the left side of the screen, below the video. Email if you would like assistance setting up a match or challenge.

*By submitting my video, biographical, and other information via the GiveCampus submission form I am granting John Carroll University (JCU) my consent to release the information I disclose and the right to use those materials, along with my name/likeness, during the Carroll Cares campaign and for further use in JCU marketing including, but not limited to: publication on websites, social media, email campaigns, etc.  Individuals should not upload information and/or videos concerning others without their consent and should not upload private information that they do not wish to share publicly.

πŸ’™ πŸ’› Caring by Class πŸ’› πŸ’™

The πŸ’™ πŸ’› Caring by Class πŸ’› πŸ’™ reflects giving from Alumni
2020 4$200
2019 8$299
2018 9$270
2017 9$397
2016 9$250
2015 4$375
2014 5$105
2012 10$595
2011 5$525
2010 7$830
2009 3$450
2008 2$125
2007 7$615
2006 3$200
2005 2$250
2004 5$425
2003 4$700
2002 6$575
2001 4$312
2000 4$415
1999 5$255
1998 6$1,295
1997 2$50
1996 5$275
1995 10$1,170
1994 6$950
1993 3$200
1992 8$850
1991 8$475
1990 1$50
1989 1$100
1988 6$700
1987 3$100
1986 8$2,175
1985 4$400
1984 4$450
1983 11$2,950
1982 6$6,825
1981 4$5,300
1980 3$200
1979 2$300
1978 8$875
1977 5$700
1976 4$310
1975 4$425
1974 5$275
1973 4$975
1972 5$850
1971 5$325
1970 4$3,360
1969 6$5,200
1968 1$2,000
1967 5$800
1965 3$200
1964 5$1,500
1963 1$25
1962 2$125
1961 2$400
1958 2$1,300
1957 5$375
1955 2$26,000

Donor affiliations

54% Alumni

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3% Students

Show Students

9% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

3% Friends

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17% Parents

Show Parents

Donor list

Kathleen Jagodnik
Peggy Hannigan Salamon & Michael
Mitch Zak & Tami
Gina Palmer
David L Barnes
David Williams & David M Williams
Elaine F Randolph
Raquel Knowles photoRaquel Knowles
Mark Seward
Stephanie Levenson
Michelle Murphy & Thomas Murphy
William Menzalora
Austin Dunlop
Elizabeth Trocki
Cheryl Bradas
Michelle Cheselka
Michelle Spech Holderbaum
Andrea Jordan
christopher carmody
Dorothy Roach
Susan Wong Chu
Julie Forgach & Mark Forgach
Carol Volpe & Carol Volpe
Patrick Palmer
Jonathan Boyle
Frances Comer & Matthew Comer
Eric Daggett
Allen Offinitz & Tricia
Richard Kassar
Gerald Ondash
Patrick Ouimet
Alecia Brian
Lisa Catalano & David Catalano
Ashley Raimondo
Thomas Berges
Michael Shemo
Jeanette Talamo & John Talamo
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Christina Beg matched $50
Tim Abraham '58 matched $1,000
Kevin McQuillan & Amanda McQuillan P'23 matched $1,000
Jim '55 matched $25,000
An Anonymous Donor gave $10,000