100 Days to Give Back

This campaign ended on January 21, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Silicon Valley International School by clicking here!

Alumni + Past Parents:

Can you recall your favorite memories from your time at ISTP/PFAS? The life changing experiences and trips? Immersing yourself in another culture and language? The caring teachers? The friendships you made?

Just as ISTP has had an impact on you, we are calling on our alumni and past parents to give back and make a positive impact on a new generation of caring, globally-conscious individuals who are ready to change the world.

The committee has set a modest goal of 75 donors. No dollar amount. Just the participation of 75 alumni and past parents. Will you join our community of givers with a donation to ISTP's Charlotte de Géry Endowment?

Named after our school’s founder, the Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund is dedicated towards her vision for the bilingual and bicultural students of the 21st century. Contributions to the Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund are unrestricted funds and are used to build a strong financial foundation to support faculty, technology, and environmental programs.

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
1992 1$25
2004 1$10
2005 1$25
2010 1$100
2012 1$500

Donor affiliations

65% Past Parents

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18% Alumni

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Donor list

Nastassia Groleau
Quynh Huong Ho
Wenda OReilly
Patricia Majorel
Anna De Giuli
Jessica Pan & Michael Beesley
Sophie Bromberg
Cecile Picard
John Pauly
Lynette Lissin
Laura Yim
Eric Chiu & Yura Wang
Helene Varsamidou
Kristen Leep
Edweard P Miner
Martin Carnoy & Jean MacDonell
ninva simono
Claire Lin
Steve & Jill Lipman
Derrin Wang
Chris & Yao Ford
Brad & Rebecca Osgood
Tara Speed
Veronique Merckling
Nicolas Smiricky
Peter K Lee
Sylvie Hertzberg
Madeleine DeCorwin and Denis Martin
Lynn O Pieron
Francis Rolland
Beatrice Linares
Debbie Cole
Patricia Colin
Matthew Colford
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      generated 135 clicks and 11 donations, totaling $1,200
      matched 10 donations for a total of $200
      Gave $500 because 50 people gave in 1 day

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