This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Immaculate High School by clicking here!

We know how powerful the Immaculate community can be, especially in challenging times. Right now we are calling upon that strength to reach our Immaculate Fund goal by June 30, the close of our fiscal year. Please know that your gift will help support:

  • Critical student financial aid
  • Academic response and preparedness 
  • Student health and wellness
  • Campus spirituality and student life 

The Immaculate Fund is our emergency fund, as it helps us to respond to our school's most urgent needs. Your investment will guarantee that our best years are still ahead of us. 

The world needs Immaculate graduates now more than ever. Even while we are apart we stand together as an Immaculate family, resilient and rooted in faith. Your prayers and support will give the students entrusted to our care an education that will last a lifetime and help them to have a positive impact on our world.

US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
1966 3$200
1967 2$200
1968 4$400
1969 3$175
1970 1$100
1972 2$750
1973 1$100
1976 2$1,100
1977 1$100
1978 1$250
1979 1$500
1980 1$25
1982 1$500
1985 1$250
1987 2$125
1988 4$700
1989 1$500
1990 2$1,200
1992 4$2,200
1993 1$250
1998 1$25
2000 1$100
2001 1$150
2017 1$25
2020 1$100

Donor affiliations

64% Alumni

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2% Students

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28% Parents

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5% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Bernard E Reidy
Kathy (Judge) Roventini
Remy E Chila
Terrence P McNicholas
Owen G Tharrington
Michael Cofrancecso
Frania Holloway
Debra McCoy
Augie and Loretta DeLuca (Grand Parents)
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sedensky III (P, PA)
George & Ellen Assad
Kelly Moffa Whalen
Margaret Wixted Auger
Brendnan Allen
Mark C Yomazzo
Michael Wilson
Robert G Stanley
Jerry Garavel
Joanne E Giorgio-Chapleau
Ellen Williams & Gil Consolini
Jenna Henderson
Bridget E. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. James Hawk
John J McAvoy
Anthony Borrelli
Michael W Casey
Marc Ennis
Laurie Albano
Chris Hogan
Jeff Mango
Gerald Densk
Mr & Mrs Kevin Dunleavy
Vincent DiGilio Jr
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