Leap for Idyllwild Arts

This campaign ended on February 27, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Idyllwild Arts by clicking here!

Will you Leap for Idyllwild Arts

Leap year only occurs once every four years, and this leap year we are bringing together our whole community of advocates for Idyllwild Arts Giving Day 2020. Dedicated to supporting the transformative experience of an Idyllwild Arts education, Giving Day enables board members, alumni, parents, students, employees, and friends to spring together for a daylong giving event dedicated to lift up Idyllwild Arts. 

We're reaching high for Giving Day 2020 and hope you are ready to join us! Our goal this year is to secure 366 donors on Wednesday, February 26th, representing each day of the 2020 calendar year – that’s a leap above our previous Giving Days

Donations on Giving Day allow us the flexibility to make needed 21st Century campus enhancements like wayfinding, safety and security, dorm improvements, and much more (🎷🎬🎨🎭). You can even designate your gift more specifically toward Academy Programs or Summer Scholarships. Our students are creative leaders, ambitious artists, and forward thinkers. 

Join us as we aim for 366 donors to Leap for Idyllwild Arts! πŸ’ƒ

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Alumni Challenge

The Alumni Challenge reflects giving from Alumni
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
2005 14$1,1308516.5%
2006 5$300816.2%
1999 4$240735.5%
2018 4$681023.9%
2003 3$275783.8%
1992 2$75277.4%
2008 2$35852.4%
1994 2$466533.8%
1998 2$200653.1%
2019 2$30872.3%
2007 2$61653.1%
2014 2$110932.2%
1990 1$5372.7%
2001 1$3681.5%
1995 1$5412.4%
2002 1$417641.6%
2009 1$28661.5%
2012 1$2,500591.7%
2017 1$10761.3%
1950 1$1003660.3%
2016 1$10801.3%
2015 1$5791.3%
1997 1$5681.5%
2004 1$25701.4%
2013 1$5831.2%

Donor affiliations

16% Alumni

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7% Students

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15% Parents

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17% Faculty/Staff

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16% Friends

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Donor list

Fenli Zhang
Bridgette Olson
Andrea MacMillan
Youree Jin
Bo Zhang
Alma Jill Dizon
Seoyun Choi
Ursula C. Krummel
Alison Wieman
Omina, C, Jagusah
John Claridy
Jose Acevedo
Susan E Reardon
Karina Lawrence
Lisa & John Summerlin
Sarah Lynn & Matthew Grubb
Desmond Pollock
Richard George Severa
Erin Breen photoErin Breen
Mystral Echavarria
Gregory Donald Villanueva
Dan Lass
Martin and Debbie
Rene Hernandez
Jones, Wanda & Kent
David and Helle Pearson
Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn
Tom and Roo Niermann
Shu Cao
Yanhong Gu

Sharon Sabenorio matched $366
David Thomsen matched $1,000
Howard Sherman matched $1,000
No Challenges