Idyllwild Arts Giving Day 4/18/18

This campaign ended on April 19, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Idyllwild Arts by clicking here!

We proudly introduce our Idyllwild Arts Giving Day 2018 to bring our whole community of advocates together on April 18, 2018. From Board members and friends to Academy and Summer supporters, we call on each and every member of our Idyllwild Arts family to help propel us into the future.

In order to educate our students and enrich our community, we rely on your continued support. Not only does your support sustain our daily activities, it allows us to plan for and build our exciting future. We are asking you to invest in our students by making a gift to Idyllwild Arts.

Help us unlock these CHALLENGES:


An anonymous Trustee has offered to match all first-time Idyllwild Arts donors dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000.

50: When we reach 50 donors, we unlock a $100 Challenge gift from an employee.
75: When we reach 75 donors, we unlock a $300 Challenge gift from an Academy Alum Class of 1997.
87: When we reach 87 donors, we unlock a $500 Challenge gift from an Academy Alum Class of 1987.
100: When we reach 100 donors, we unlock a $1,000 Challenge gift from two current Academy families.
150: When we reach 150 donors, we unlock a $2,000 Challenge gift from an Academy family.
170: When we reach 170 donors, we unlock a $5,000 challenge gift from an Academy Alum Class of 1988.

US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
1987 1$500137.7%
1988 2$0306.7%
1989 1$0293.4%
1992 1$10273.7%
1993 1$0422.4%
1994 6$1705012.0%
1996 2$50454.4%
1997 4$400676.0%
1999 5$210736.8%
2000 1$100811.2%
2001 6$585669.1%
2003 3$200773.9%
2004 2$150702.9%
2005 11$4808512.9%
2006 3$200803.8%
2007 4$86646.3%
2008 7$100848.3%
2011 2$15822.4%
2012 1$0591.7%
2013 2$35832.4%
2014 5$91925.4%
2015 2$35792.5%
2017 4$41755.3%
2020 1$100701.4%
2021 1$5,000382.6%

Donor affiliations

25% Alumni

Show Alumni

2% Students

Show Students

8% Parents

Show Parents

3% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

7% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Ray Clemens
Thomas A Whalen
Felix Ungar
Kimberly Pace
Christopher Stroud
Julie Decker
Teale Sperling
Michael Dunaevsky
WonJune James Choi
bihai Deng
Dayoung Sally Kim
Cindy Jin
YaoGuang Zhai
Jonathan Angulo
Jeannie & Kent Peterson
Matthew Gray
Travis Acreman
Chelsea Gilbert
Callie Levan
Felicity Holmes
Anna J Bax
Kate Graham
Elizabeth L Teplitzky
Patrick and Sylvia Holmes
Aari Reich
Alberto Cortina
Wendy Winks
Carlos Hernandez
Celeste Headlee
Annamarie Padula
christy wilke
Lance & Robin Jensen
Chih-Chien Bruce Chou photoChih-Chien Bruce Chou
Fang Huang

Matthew Gray photoMatthew Gray matched $30
Jaya Griscom photoJaya Griscom matched $30
Audra Ewing photoAudra Ewing matched $20
Jess Berto matched $75
Mary Angelo photoMary Angelo matched $100
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,000
No Challenges