This campaign ended on December 04, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Hong Kong International School by clicking here!

What makes HKIS so exceptional? Our students, both past and present. Whether you are a recent graduate or left HKIS many years ago, you are part of the HKIS community. And always will be. Alumni engagement is fundamental to the continuous development and success of HKIS. And, when alumni give back, it's an endorsement of their HKIS experience. 

With your contribution to the HKIS Annual Fund—no matter how big or small—you can help shape the future and safeguard that for generations to come students will benefit from the HKIS experience. You can play a key role to ensure our legacy. Our Dragon Pride. Our next leaders of tomorrow. 

Our Goal is 80 unique donors. Give today and make a difference for tomorrow.

Thank you for your generous support. Dragon. Pride. Forever



Global Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

General Fund 25HK$66,892
James A. Handrich Service Leadership Endowment Fund 15HK$16,060
David F. Rittmann Scholarship 2HK$600
Charles W. Dull Speaker Series 1HK$1,000

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
1975 2HK$1,000
1982 1HK$500
1983 1HK$500
1987 1HK$500
1988 2HK$3,282
1989 1HK$1,000
1990 2HK$10,500
1991 1HK$5,000
1992 8HK$50,500
1994 2HK$2,800
1995 1HK$1,000
1996 2HK$3,100
1997 4HK$2,500
1998 5HK$2,970
1999 2HK$3,500
2000 2HK$3,500
2005 2HK$600
2007 1HK$500
2012 1HK$200
2016 1HK$100

Donor affiliations

98% Alumni

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12% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

17% Parents

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Donor list

Adrienne Li
Shum Tung Yin Yun Elaine
Bonny Pratt
Leontine Denise Chuang
Charis Ng
Bobby Kwan
Philip Chen
Elizabeth Adcock
Andrew D Arenson
Shing Chi Poon
Ada Wang
Traci Tong
Vanessa Jacqueline Herrera Gutierrez
Jaime Chou photoJaime Chou
Jason Liu
Alanna Chan
Jeffrey Char photoJeffrey Char
Kimberly Kwok photoKimberly Kwok
Iain McGlashan
Christopher Huie
Mok chi ho joseph
Tracey Harris
Denise Wong
Timothy Chen
Chuen Shing Sik
Jennifer G. Doman Flowers photoJennifer G. Doman Flowers
Veronica Booth
Vanessa Chien
Kim Hyung Kee
James A Handrich
Karen Gerome
Tyler DeWaal
Ashok Parmanand Daswani
Jacqueline C C Yang

Julia Yen Lynn TSAO photoJulia Yen Lynn TSAO matched HK$1,600
Min Lim photoMin Lim matched HK$5,000
Christopher Burgess photoChristopher Burgess matched HK$1,100
suzannechu photoSuzanne Chu matched HK$10,000
Julian Lee photoJulian Lee matched HK$1,400
Leontine Chuang photoLeontine Chuang matched HK$1,600
Timothy Chen matched HK$10,000
HKIS Board of Managers gave $150,000 because 150 donors made a gift in 15 days.

Only 63 left!

Be one of the first 80 Donors to give $500 or more and receive your HKIS Alumni bag.