2017 HWS Athletics Day of Donors

This campaign ended on May 02, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Hobart and William Smith Colleges by clicking here!

The HWS 2017 Athletics Day of Donors (#ADOD) is a 24-hour giving challenge to support both William Smith and Hobart Athletics. All teams -- regardless of size -- can compete to win bonus cash up to $3,000. 

Each team has a donor participation goal (see list). Starting at 8 a.m. Monday, May 1, you can make a gift indicating your favorite team (up to 2 teams). You will be counted once toward the donor goal for each team you select. 

Bonus cash prizes of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 will go to the teams (3 each William Smith and Hobart) with the highest percent of the donor goal achieved at the close of the contest at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Show your pride! use our digital resource kit for images you can share to help spread the word. 


Go Herons! Go Statesmen! 

P.S. If you have any difficulty making your gift, please call Wendy Barnhart at (315) 781-3725, barnhart@hws.edu, between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Thank you!



US Donor Map

Athletics Day of Donors

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Soccer - William Smith 344$13,80175458.7%
Lacrosse - William Smith 322$14,33465495.4%
Rowing - Hobart 270$7,23070385.7%
Rowing - William Smith 213$9,67470304.3%
Field Hockey - William Smith 183$6,47165281.5%
Tennis - Hobart 127$1,92525508.0%
Football - Hobart 81$6,9509090.0%
Basketball - William Smith 76$2,34535217.1%
Ice Hockey - Hobart 74$7,45860123.3%
Lacrosse - Hobart 74$6,54265113.8%
Swimming & Diving - William Smith 44$7,52540110.0%
Squash - Hobart 26$1,88325104.0%
Ice Hockey - William Smith 23$1,9904057.5%
Soccer - Hobart 22$3,1306036.7%
Basketball - Hobart 22$1,7753562.9%
Golf - William Smith 21$1,92020105.0%
Golf - Hobart 21$1,12520105.0%
Cross Country - William Smith 20$5863066.7%
Tennis - William Smith 19$9702576.0%
Sailing - William Smith 18$1,2532572.0%
Sailing - Hobart 18$1,2582572.0%
Cross Country - Hobart 17$1,6903056.7%
Squash - William Smith 13$4862552.0%

Donor affiliations

28% Alumni

Show Alumni

12% Students

Show Students

24% Parents

Show Parents

3% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

35% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Jonathan Nickson
Alison Spear
Florence Who
Michele Albert Trenchard
David, R, Thompson
Reeta Casey
Kelly M Burns
Marjorie Strobel
Kenneth B Mason
Molly Moore
Therese Narzikul
Justin Barnett
Mook Lawrence
Ryan Moore
Tony Pizzara
randee hilton
Melissa Allen
Catherine Dickson
Donald S. Dennis Jr
Mike Ravalli
Bill Palmer
Isabel, Gilbert, Gunther and Gabby Peters
Randee Hilton
Sharon Fawcett
Dorene Pickup
John Mooney
Kelli Walsh
Donna Munoz
Emily Martin
Jesus Sanchez
Matthew Woodard
Tess Gionet photoTess Gionet
Christina Hom
Karen palumbo
Sarah Conrad

Derrick Moore photoDerrick Moore matched $100
Lindsay Sharman matched $100
Rebecca Splain photoRebecca Splain matched $100
Skylar Beaver photoSkylar Beaver matched $100
Matt Coté photoMatthew Cote matched $100
Libby Hughes photoLibby Hughes matched $100
Waite Family matched $100
Dan Thompson photoDan Thompson matched $180
Sandra Chu photoSandra Chu matched $200
Jeremy Archer matched $250
Skylar Beaver photoSkylar Beaver matched $250
Jerry Buckley photoJerry Buckley matched $500
Jerry Buckley photoJerry Buckley matched $500
Scott Mason photoScott Mason & Lynne matched $1,000
Deb Steward photoDeb Steward gave $200 because 40 donors made a gift in 1 day.

Only 7 left!

Generate 25 gifts of $10 or more from your advocacy and get a shout out on the HWS Athletics Facebook page.


Only 8 left!

Generate 10 donations of $50 or more and receive a personal thank you call from your team's Athletic Director.


Only 7 left!

Raise $300 through your advocacy and receive a thank you phone call from your team's captain!