Prep Pride Fund

This campaign ended on June 30, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Hilton Head Preparatory School by clicking here!

Your investment in the Prep Pride Fund will allow us to offer the "extras" that help foster our students' love of learning and close interactions with our faculty and staff.  Your participation in this wonderful opportunity to support our students means so much to them and provides them with the best possible education to prepare them for college and an ever changing world.  It takes a village.  It takes YOU!

Please take this opportunity to share your generosity on social media so that we may reach more people to increase the support of our school. This way your gift can keep on giving by reminding others why it is important to you to support Hilton Head Prep.

Hilton Head Preparatory School's 2018-2019 Prep Pride Fund is raising money for our "Pillars of Pride" - Academic Excellence, Technology and Facilities and Security.  Your gift can also be unrestricted and will go to the school greatest needs.

Designation Leaderboard

Greatest Need (unrestricted) 292$137,112
Academic Excellence 94$91,595
Athletics 22$14,528
Tuition Assistance 13$4,920
The Arts 8$1,679
Technology 5$1,220
Facilities and Security 7$820

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Grandparents
2030 1$20
2020 1$100
2019 49$3,624
2018 3$40
2017 5$585
2016 2$500
2015 1$25
2014 1$10
2013 1$20
2012 2$175
2009 4$65
2007 3$130
2006 5$338
2004 2$65
2002 2$150
2001 1$300
2000 4$369
1998 4$600
1995 1$275
1992 2$200
1991 3$690
1990 1$100
1988 1$1,500
1987 1$200
1986 1$50
1985 2$350
1983 1$100
1980 1$500
1978 2$250
1977 3$5,138

Donor affiliations

26% Alumni

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2% Students

Show Students

24% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

11% Friends

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27% Parents

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9% Grandparents

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Donor list

Sarah Braun
Grant Kay
Jay Johnson
McGriff Insurance Services
Cooper Collier
Piper Hausher
karen scarminach
Tammy Downing
Chip and Carrie Collins
Cara Witt
Robert Brooks
kirstan hattler
Cyndi Barrington
Nicole Feeny
Michelle R Sriubas
Lochlan Hart
Kevin Basirico
Liesl Ferreira
Mark R Laken
Perry Hodge
Elena, A, Borisoff
Jennifer Klippel
Thomas J Berrigan
Chris Stuckart
Kathleen Woodward
Michael Bassett
Andrew Hazel photoAndrew Hazel
Francesca High
Dino Calamari

No Matches
Andrew Hazel photoAndrew Hazel gave $100
Becca Edwards photoBecca Edwards gave $200 because $600 was donated in 94 days.
Mike Bassett photoMichael Bassett gave $250 because 10 donors made a gift in 41 days.