2020-2021 Prep Pride Fund

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

Your investment in the Prep Pride Fund will allow us to offer the "extras" that help foster our students' love of learning and close interactions with our faculty and staff.  Your participation in this wonderful opportunity to support our students means so much to them and provides them with the best possible education to prepare them for college and an ever changing world.  It takes a village.  It takes YOU!

Please take this opportunity to share your generosity on social media so that we may reach more people to increase the support of our school. This way your gift can keep on giving by reminding others why it is important to you to support Hilton Head Prep.

Donor affiliations

12% Alumni

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12% Faculty/Staff

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10% Friends

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16% Parent of Alumni

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35% Parents

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23% Grandparents

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Donor list

Jeffrey Hedden
Michael Nold
Christina and Nate Van Epp
Elizabeth W Galloway
Carrie B. Hirsch
Beatrice Coates
Tom & Lori Laken III
Carol Schembra
Pat Jackson
Sue Groesbeck
Ella Grace Alsko
Michael and Gillian Alsko
Anne Marie Scarminach
Margaret Crenshaw
Thomas Shimada
Beckie & Dave Bart
Shannon and Leon Grayson
Dr. George G. Couch
Charles D Adams
Louise Goodman
Bill Losey
Selina Denny
Mr.& Mrs. Carrabba
Sarah DeMaria
Sherri K. Lawless
Krista Hanna
Lochlan Hart
Riley Brown
Mackenzie Brown
Meghan Brown
Margot Brown
Peg Hamilton
Rob Hattler
Rosemond Gleckner
Elizabeth Abrams
Amy Ream
Keylan P Hanna
Michelle Sriubas
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