The Annual Fund for Hillsdale

This campaign ends on January 1 at 02:01AM EST

Meeting the general operating needs of Hillsdale College remains crucial to our ability to maintain our independence and academic excellence. Since revenue from tuition covers just 30 percent of the College’s total revenue, the Annual Fund enables us to balance the budget each year, raising the operating income needed over and above revenues through tuition, student fees, and endowment earnings. Hillsdale must raise $14,118 per student through the Annual Fund to meet operating needs. 

Here are a few key areas the Annual Fund supports:

  1. Our private Student Independence Grant and Loan Fund to replace federal and state aid. The projected cost of replacement for the 2018-2019 academic year is $5.58 million for approximately 600 students.
  2. Private merit-based and need-based scholarships
  3. Professor Salaries
  4. Charger athletic programs
  5. Campus improvements and maintenance

Success in meeting the Annual Fund goals ensures Hillsdale’s ongoing growth in excellence. As a former Hillsdale student and a beneficiary of its Annual Fund, we hope you'll consider helping us meet this need this giving season and expanding the possibilities for current students. 

No matter the size of the gift, each Annual Fund pledge, stock transfer, or cash gift contributes to the strength of our mission as a liberal arts college and enhances our ability to provide a quality education for students who seek it, now and for years to come. 

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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollars
2018 1$50
2017 2$500
2015 3$410
2014 7$831
2013 4$518
2012 3$2,618
2011 1$25
2010 4$168
2009 2$2,025
2008 1$50
2007 6$398
2006 7$3,725
2005 1$3,575
2004 1$18
2000 1$100
1998 4$50
1997 3$3,500
1995 2$133
1993 3$1,894
1991 2$922
1989 1$50
1988 2$5,100
1987 3$184
1986 4$1,050
1985 1$50
1984 1$5,000
1983 1$150
1982 2$0
1981 1$1,500
1979 4$100
1978 5$1,712
1977 3$1,100
1976 3$150
1975 3$1,025
1974 6$434
1972 1$0
1970 1$0
1969 7$2,475
1968 2$1,400
1967 1$0
1966 2$600
1964 1$25
1963 2$500
1962 5$100
1961 2$40,500
1958 1$100
1956 1$18
1952 2$100

Donor affiliations

82% Alumni

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3% Parents

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12% Faculty/Staff

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1% Friends

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Donor list

Kathryn E Huff
Emily Bodtke
John Grubner
Nancy M Gaarenstroom
Megan Phillips
Courtney Suddeth
Ashley L. Sallows
Moryam VanOpstal & Tami (Swenson) VanOpstal
Erik & Carolyn Selvig & Carolyn
Mary Zordani Duffy
Susan Shehan
Mark L. Meares
Tara J Beam
Gina Bloom
LAURIE BARNESLaurie Barnes photo
Elizabeth Waters Parks
Jacqueline R Barraco
Peter K Hill
Steve Summers
Jennifer Barnett
Evan Gage
Alan R. Hurst
Joshua Orlaski
Autumn Hubbard
Robert A Dunning & Michelle Blais Dunning
Portia Conant
Anna (Holsclaw) Bain
Richard kucera
Kathryn Ham
Dan C DuBois & Erin H DuBois (Brandner)
Stephanie Atli
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DONATE $184.4

An annual, recurring gift of $184.40 qualifies a donor for the first level of the 1844 Society. Membership includes invitations to special events, a lapel pin, etc. Details: 1844 Society, Level I: $184.40 annually ($15.36 per month), Level II: $184.40 bi-annually ($30.73 per month), Level III: $184.40 tri-annually ($46.10 per month), Level IV: 184.40 quarterly ($61.46 per month)

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