Hillsdale College for Life Campaign

This campaign ended on December 16, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Hillsdale College by clicking here!

Help Hillsdale College Students March for Life! 

Every year, Hillsdale College for Life brings more and more students to the annual March for Life--the largest gathering of pro-life supporters in the country. Last year HCFL was fortunate enough to bring two buses full of students to Washington D.C. Still, there were so many students who wanted to go, that we had to put them on a waiting list. HCFL needs your help to provide more opportunities for students to support and perpetuate this critical cause. This year, we'd like to add another bus full of students to march and to fight for the unborn. To make this happen, we need to raise $2,000 by December 15.     

The March for Life is the practical application of all the things Hillsdale Students spend their time studying and pursuing. The Western and American Heritage explore man’s inalienable rights and human dignity. HCFL believes that Nature and Nature’s God bestowed upon every human person the gift of life, and the liberty to pursue the fulfillment of that life.

As those who are able to enjoy the fruits of those gifts, we consider it our duty to defend them, putting an end to the culture of death, and promoting the advent of a culture of love. The March for Life is the opportunity to help bring about this new culture. 

A gift of just $36 dollars will send one student to Washington D.C. to fight for the unborn. Please consider making a gift to Hillsdale College today and designating it to HCFL.

With your help, we can greatly increase our efforts to fight against abortion! 

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