Class of 2017 Look Back, Give Back

This campaign ended on May 13, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Hillsdale College by clicking here!

Imagine your life without Hillsdale College. Imagine it without the relationships forged here, the experiences had, and the lives changed. 

Hard to do, right?

As a parting gift and to help celebrate a well-spent four years, we are asking our peers to support the Ransom Dunn Scholarship fund, a need-based scholarship for students, by students. This scholarship will support current students who are unable to return to Hillsdale without additional financial support. 

Let's help them finish their time here at Hillsdale, just as we are fortunate enough to be doing in just a few short, sweet weeks. We certainly haven't done it alone! We, the Class of 2017, have received $18,852,217 in privately-funded scholarships and grants over the last four years. That's a lot of support from a lot of charitable people--people who don't even know us. 

We want our class to be known for a similar kind of grateful generosity. Last year, 38 percent of the Class of 2016 contributed. This year, our goal is 50 percent participation from the Class of 2017! We want to show our support in numbers, and leave the gift amounts up to you. But, of course, anyone can give!  

Four current seniors are receiving the Ransom Dunn Scholarship, donated by the 1844 Society members and the Class of 2016. The value of your support is real, and it has an immediate impact. 

We understand you may have your heart set on giving to a different area of campus--like your Greek house, academic department, athletic team, honorary, GOAL program--the list goes on! Either way, your participation will count toward our goal. 

Yes, we are just starting out. Collectively, however, we CAN have an impact on this special place we all hold dear. Let's pay it forward, Hillsdale. Let's leave a lasting legacy for future Chargers.

Let's Look Back. Let's Give Back. 

(Hope you enjoyed our little parody of Don Draper in Mad Men's Carousel episode...)



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26% Alumni

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39% Students

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1% Parents

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5% Faculty/Staff

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2% Friends

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Donor list

Angela, T, Bonvissuto
Will Blount
Madeline Grace Johnson
William R. Persson photoWilliam R. Persson
Megan M Armstrong
Lauren G Melcher
Lillian A Carville
Larissa Clark
Rachel Moore
Colleen McGinness photoColleen McGinness
John W Papciak
Taylor Cone
Grace Link
Lisa Rardin
Katherine Swanson
Bridget DeLapp photoBridget DeLapp
Steven F. Mette
Thomas Burrell
Ramona V. Tausz
Evyn E Melanson
Alexandra M Whitford
Alex Buchmann
Cheyenne R. Trimels
John K. Olberding
Allison Duber
Alexandra G Howell
Daniel P Drummond
Deborah A. Stevenson
Noah Weinrich photoNoah Weinrich
Joy E. Rumeau
Joshua H. Lee

Leslie Pearce photoLeslie Pearce matched $100
John W Papciak matched $52
An Anonymous Donor matched $660
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DONATE $18.44

Give a gift of $18.44, and join the 1844 Society! Society members receive a personalized brick on the 1844 Society Path of Honor when their commitment is complete. Society membership is $18.44 per semester, and $184.40 within three years of graduation (3 payments of $61.47 or 6 payments of $30.73)