175 Years Of Loving The 'Dale

This campaign ended on March 22, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Hillsdale College by clicking here!

What do YOU remember most about Hillsdale? Discussions in English literature that lasted well beyond your class? Celebrating pick-up with your Greek house? Winning a conference championship with your cross-country teammates? Without a doubt, you have memories of those classes, teams, clubs, and people at Hillsdale that made a significant impact on your life—and continue to influence you today. As the College celebrates its 175th anniversary this academic year, it is fitting not only to reflect on what you love about Hillsdale, but also to do your part to ensure that those same opportunities you had as a student continue for future generations. None of these things are possible without the support from parents, friends, and alumni like you! 

Please help us reach our campaign goal of 300 donors by March 21st! Give back to what you love! 

***Campaign Update*** 

The Campus is quiet—students are still home and preparing to take classes online as we ride out the coronavirus. We hope you’re safe and healthy, wherever you are.

We wanted to make sure you had the full update on what’s going on here. I think Dr. Arnn’s video sums it up really well:


As he said, Hillsdale will be back in full force the moment we can. Although the timing isn’t perfect, the whole point of our annual Give Back to What You Love campaign is to provide for everything that makes Hillsdale, Hillsdale—that very spirit Dr. Arnn describes. When students return, they will be more eager than ever to enjoy what alumni gifts have made possible: clubs, honoraries, Greek life, sports teams, classes, dorm culture, and more.

If you’re able, I hope you will join us by making a gift this week. Over 150 alums have already contributed, so we’re nearly halfway to our participation goal of 300 alumni. Thank you for considering a gift at this tumultuous time. Stay well.



US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1964 1$100
1971 1$184
1972 1$100
1974 1$0
1976 1$50
1979 1$100
1980 1$50
1983 1$100
1988 1$0
1990 1$184
1992 1$738
1993 1$100
2000 1$0
2001 2$50
2002 1$25
2006 1$25
2007 1$100
2010 1$50
2011 2$250
2012 1$200
2013 1$25
2014 2$125
2019 2$70

Global Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

Scholarships 46$33,08615.3%
Athletics 30$6,17110.0%
Other 20$5,3746.7%

Donor affiliations

14% Alumni

Show Alumni

Donor list

Julia Jenkins Morton
Pamela Stuart Middleton
Joel VanDerworp & Michele
Angela B Kuhlman
Becky Galvan & Nick Galvan
Billy Gray & Megan Jackson
Brogan Henderson & Cody Henderson
David Cooper
David A Muir
Laura Devine
Gary M Davis
Amanda Marra
Timothy C. Kuhlman
Jennifer A Gramzow
Faye Groves
Richard Danforth photoRichard Danforth
Abigail Allen

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If 5 of your friends donate as a result of you sharing the campaign through your advocate account, you will receive a Hillsdale College t-shirt from the Alumni Office!


If 3 of your friends donate as a result of you sharing the campaign through your advocate account, we will send you a Central Hall sticker!

DONATE $184.40

An annual, recurring gift of $184.40 qualifies a donor for the first level of the 1844 Society. Membership includes invitations to special events, a lapel pin, etc. Details: 1844 Society, Level I: $184.40 annually ($15.36 per month), Level II: $184.40 bi-annually ($30.73 per month), Level III: $184.40 tri-annually ($46.10 per month), Level IV: $184.40 quarterly ($61.46 per month).

DONATE $1,500

An annual gift of $1,500 with a 10-year commitment qualifies a donor for the traditional level of the President's Club ($15,000 over 10 years/$1,500 a year/$125 a month). We will follow up with you to confirm your commitment and pledge. Membership includes invitations to special events, a framed picture with President Arnn, a regular newsletter, etc.