1,844 Minutes to Love the 'Dale

This campaign ended on February 17, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Hillsdale College by clicking here!

Partner with the 1844 Society and the Senior Class Officers and show your love to the 'Dale in 1,844 Minutes. We are excited and honored to help steward, preserve and perpetuate Hillsdale's great legacy.

We will be challenging our peers to give to the Ransom Dunn scholarship—a need-based scholarship that serves current students whose future at the College is threatened by financial hardship (although you may designate your gift to nearly anything).

We're so excited that the Hough Family Foundation has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any increase in giving this year over last. So, if a student (or alumni) gave $0 last year, their donation would be matched 100%. If a student gave $5 last year, but gives $10 this year, their contribution will be matched by $5.

Last year, only 13% of our students gave over the entire year. Our goal today and tomorrow is for 13% of students to give in just 1,844 minutes. We can do it!

1,844 Seconds to Love the ‘Dale has kicked off and we look forward to seeing how much we can give back to the ‘Dale through our collective generosity. If you participate in the campaign as an advocate, you could win three AWESOME prizes:

An Amazon gift card worth $100

An iPad Mini

A Bookstore gift card worth a cool $100



US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
2014 6$102
2015 6$84
2006 4$193
2016 4$60
2004 3$30
2005 2$123
2012 2$15
2013 2$37
2007 2$38
2001 1$18
2009 1$50
2002 1$100
1998 1$25
1960 1$50
1986 1$10
2003 1$5
1976 1$18
1989 1$18
2008 1$10
2017 1$18

Donor affiliations

34% Alumni

Show Alumni

38% Students

Show Students

5% Parents

Show Parents

11% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

Donor list

Bob Hays photoBob Hays
Dawn H Frasier
Adelaide Holmes
Alycia and Timothy Nielsen
Tiffany, M, Farris
Daniel Drummond
Caylee McComb
Taylor D Kemmeter
Michael Lucchese photoMichael Lucchese
Sonny Gast photoSonny Gast
Victoria Fassett
Jessica Pope
Jenny, Sanclemente
kelsey lantis
Isaac Morrison
Robert Hasler
Katherine J. Scheu
Mae Bass
Jonathan Anderson, ΣΧ President
Ronda D. Deer
Elise Clines
Joëlle Lucas photoJoëlle Lucas
Taylor M. Zimmer
John Ciraci photoJohn Ciraci
Sarah Onken photoSarah Onken
Scott R Keenan
Katherine G Dimmer
Andrea J Lee

John Papciak matched $50
John Quint matched $50
Emily Stack-Davis photoEmily Stack Davis gave $100 because $500 was donated in 1 day.

Login, share your personal link, and get one friend to give, and we'll add your name to a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card and a $100 bookstore gift card!


Login, share your personal link, and get five friends to give, and we'll add your name to a drawing for an iPad mini!

DONATE $18.44

Give $18.44 and join the 1844 Society. The Society commitment is $18.44 per semester, and $184.40 within three years of your graduation, broken up into either three or six payments over three years. Members of the Society receive a pin and other swag, and a brick on the 1844 Society brick walk.