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This campaign ended on June 01, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Hendrix College by clicking here!


By supporting the causes you care about most, you're paying back by paying it forward. You're helping to make Hendrix College the best it can be for students, faculty and staff, and the entire Hendrix community.

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Brian and Shelley Russell
Angela Lou Chandler
Michael H. Millard
Roderick Terry
William E Parker
Susan Taylor Kincannon
Dave Aubin
Leslie T McGinn
Tuberville, Paul
Rip Weaver
Christa Davis
Christopher J. Odom
Christie S Wilson
Amanda Ussery
Elizabeth Fite
Keith Cox
Benjamin and Carol Schumacher
Morgan Carrico
Rick Bogaev
Tanya L Ostrogorsky
J. Chancy Lyford
Cameron, A, Meek
Linda Owen McNulty
Sandra Cousins Smith
Nancy Gale Shilling
Charlie and Cynthia Blanchard
Jennifer L Vos
Susan (Councille) and John Dill
Leah Fillip
Jonathan Taylor
Sarah M Zimmerman
Michael Poole
Ree Routon
John R. Silkensen
Richard L. Wise
Rebecca Nelsen
Lona D. Panyard
George W Kelly

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