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Jump at this opportunity to help Hamilton earn a $400,000  match! 

The Spring Board Challenge was introduced by the Board of Trustees as a way to increase giving to the Hamilton Fund, the College’s go-to, flexible resource for responding to new situations and supporting the needs of students on the Hill today. 

Will you take the leap and be a part of the Challenge? 

If you gave to the Hamilton Fund last year: any amount you increase will be matched! That means, if you gave $100 last year, and you give $150 this year, the incremental $50 will be matched resulting in an extra $100 for the Hamilton Fund.

If you are a member of the Class of 2021 or 2022: 100% of your gift will be matched! 

If you did not give to the Hamilton Fund last year: 100% of your gift will be matched! 

If you are a Chapel Bell memberany increase in monthly giving will be matched on an annualized basis. That means increasing a monthly gift from $50/month to $75/month generates a $300 match. One-time incremental gifts from Chapel Bell members, that increase year over year giving, will also be matched.  

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