Guerin Catholic Day of Giving 2022

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This campaign ended on April 28, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Guerin Catholic High School by clicking here!

Lead with Humility. Serve with Love. Trust in Providence:  A vision that has guided the school from its inception, and earned its place as our permanent vision statement. 

Guerin Catholic is able to fulfill this vision through contributions to the Providence Fund. This fund supports the following vital areas in our school: 

  • Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid - Over 50 percent of our students and families receive tuition assistance. 
  • Faculty & Staff Support - We need to attract and retain our excellent faculty & staff by providing increases in pay and professional development.
  • Student Life Experiences - All students experience life-changing retreats and other opportunities.
  • Learning Support - Provides the much-needed academic support needed in the classroom. 

Our proceeds from our Giving Day will go directly to the Providence Fund and with your support our students will receive the best faith-filled, academic, and social experience a school has to offer.  We are thrilled to partner with all of you today and thank you for your generosity!  

Mission Statement

Thank you everyone for participating in our annual GC Giving Day 2022!!! We are really pleased with the outcome and appreciate all of your generous support! 

"A Good Spirit reigns in our house..." St. Mother Theodore Guerin

To see the final outcome of our Giving Day go to 

20 days ago by Matthew Walton
Goodnight GC Family - Happy Dreams!

Still Awake? Help us close out our Giving Day with a BANG! Only one more hour to go.... and we just might make our goal!

"It is never too late to begin to do well." Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at

20 days ago by Marcey Zolner
Sweet Dreams + Blessed + Thankful + Grateful

Sweet Dreams... but not yet:)! 

We are counting down until midnight... and there has been great effort but we still need to reach our Goal! This is an official SHOUT OUT to our Fabulous ALUMNI! 

Help us finish strong as we enter into the last 3 hours of our campaign!

"In truth, how much good there is to do here, and how great and sublime the mission confided to us!" St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at

20 days ago by Marcey Zolner
We Can Do This + Blessed + Thankful + Grateful

We've got momentum! It could be a record for a GC Giving Day reaching 200 Participants! We BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT because we are powered by all the love, prayers and gratitude from all of you! We have 5 hours to go until midnight! 

Choose ANY gift amount and know that every gift goes towards the Providence Fund which is the lifeblood of our School! 

" ... you have had a share in the prayers which we do not fail a single day to offer up for our benefactors." 

St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day

20 days ago by Marcey Zolner
We are Family!

We know this is a busy time of day! You may be at work, driving home or prepping for Dinner! Take a moment to think of those you are thankful for and honor them with any gift amount. 

At Guerin Catholic we understand our daily mission is to LEAD WITH HUMILITY, SERVE WITH LOVE, TRUST IN PROVIDENCE! 

St. Mother Theodore Guerin herself said "Love the Children first, then teach them!" Learn more about today's giving day at

20 days ago by Marcey Zolner

Have you thought of choosing a Faculty/Staff member and having them create a brief cameo appearance video for your Son or Daughter? We also have new Guerin Catholic Sweatshirt blankets! Perfect for Birthday & Graduation gifts and this gift is not just for your Students... what about treating your Parents/Grandparents?! 

Thanks for all of your support so far! 

"The good God who has protected us so many times can still protect us." St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at

21 days ago by Marcey Zolner
We are Grateful!

What an incredible day we have had so far! We truly believe we can get to 200 participants because we have until midnight tonight! 

Please know how IMPACTFUL the Providence Fund is to our School. Every year we are challenged to raise more than a million dollars for the Providence Fund which supports Tuition assistance/Financial aid, Faculty & Staff support, Student Life experiences & Learning support! 

"Only in heaven will you understand the treasure with which your soul has been enriched these months." St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at:

21 days ago by Marcey Zolner
We Are Thankful!!!

We have some momentum going! Let's make this the most participative giving day we have ever had at GC! Look at the fun incentives that we have arranged for certain giving levels and just so you know... every year we need to raise over a million dollars for the Providence Fund and every dollar counts so ANY AMOUNT is appreciated! Let's DO THIS! 

"... you ought not to give way to uneasiness about the future. Put yourself gently into the hands of Providence." St. Mother Theodore Guerin  Learn more about today's Giving Day at

21 days ago by Lynn Spartz
We are Blessed To Give!

Good Morning GC Friends and Families! Hope you enjoyed the incredible video of our Students in the Grotto showing their gratitude for the experience of being at Guerin Catholic! 

 All proceeds from today's Giving Day go towards our Providence Fund and it supports: *Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid, *Faculty & Staff Support, *Student Life Experiences and *Learning Support. We have so many fun things in store for you today! Starting with an opportunity for a "Cameo Video" from a Faculty/Staff member of your choice to create a brief video wishing your Student, Friend or Family member a Happy Birthday, congrats or a message of encouragement! 

GC Swag Alert: We have new sweatshirt blankets and they couldn't be more cozy! Check out our pictures and know that we have a limited supply of 75 blankets for $75! 

"For the accomplishment of good, we must show forth in our every act a perfect justice." St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at

21 days ago by Marcey Zolner
Guerin Catholic Giving Day Prayer

We would like to start our day with this prayer of gratitude: 

Father in Heaven, Creator of all, and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.  Thank you for all the graces and blessings you have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal; our faith and religious heritage, our food and shelter, our health, the love we have for one another, our family and friends. Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing throughout the coming year. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen. 

 "Happy those who are able to pray!" St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Learn more about today's giving day at

21 days ago by Marcey Zolner
Tomorrow is Giving Day!

Guerin Catholic is kicking off our GC Day of Giving with a focus on GRATITUDE. We want to celebrate our success with YOU by having some fun along the way! Be sure to watch the fun introductory video and look for the opportunity to receive a cameo video with your donation from a faculty/staff member for your loved one! 

Guerin Swag Alert: We have 75 cozy sweatshirt blankets to give to the first 75 people who donate $75!!! Help us achieve our goal of 200 participants! WE CAN DO IT WITH YOUR HELP! 

To give to our GC Giving Day use this link:

"Oh, how compassionate, how universal and beautiful is charity!" St. Mother Theodore Guerin

21 days ago by Lynn Spartz

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