Give2What You Love 2022

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This campaign ended on October 14, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Groton School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Group of 1999 Formmates gave $2,500

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Groton is hosting our seventh Give2Groton community event—GIVE 2 WHAT YOU LOVE.

Beginning Thursday, October 13 and concluding as students leave for Fall Long Weekend at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, October 14, we are asking our entire community, including alumni, parents, and friends of the school, to GIVE 2 WHAT YOU LOVE most about Groton.

Support the area of Groton that was most impactful for you, as a student, or to your child. Was it a particular program, faculty member, or coach? If you can’t decide you can always direct your gift to the “greatest need” which allows the school to be flexible and pivot when necessary, supporting programs that are the current top priority.

With your gift you can support Academics, Arts, Athletics, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty, Financial Aid/GRAIN 2.0, Student Life, or Greatest Need, and/or honor a teacher, coach, advisor, dorm head, or friend.

We are looking for 377 gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of Groton - one for each current Groton student. To encourage early giving to the Groton Fund this fall, when we reach this goal an anonymous group of trustees will contribute an additional $100,000.

138 bottles on the wall

The Form of 2024’s Blue Bottles. Well done!

110 days ago by Allison MacBride
Find the Zebra

An anonymous donor contributed $25,000 so each form could direct $5,000 to the area of the school they care about most! But first, students had to follow the clues:

2023: Fred Gwynne '42, Alexandra Paul '81, and Bill Camp '82 would have enjoyed practicing here (it was built after they graduated).

2024:  Louis Auchincloss '35, David Cleveland '70, Ben Coes '85, and Curtis Sittenfeld '94 would be thrilled to see their names in this room.

2025: Candace Brown Nelson '91, Merrill Stubbs Dorman '95, and Ned Claflin '99 might have enjoyed an FSA in this building. 

2026: The names of Emory Clark ’56, Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar '98, and Alex Karowski ’08 hang in this building. Bonus: what two distinguished groups are they a part of?

2027: FDR's name is carved in this building.

UPDATE: all the zebras have been located! 

111 days ago by Allison MacBride

Leading Alumni Forms
Number of donorsDonorsRaised ($)
Form 19868$1,276
Form 199920$7,466
Form 201814$261
Form 201615$1,805
Form 19822$300
Form 19871$1
Form 202019$555
Form 19651$50
Form 202112$260
Form 19753$102
Form 19490$0
Form 19510$0
Form 19640$0
Form 19772$1,500
Form 20032$220
Form 20025$1,077
Form 19721$1,000
Form 19942$1,200
Form 19740$0
Form 19592$101
Form 19952$700
Form 19631$1,200
Form 20123$160
Form 19911$250
Form 19905$950
Form 19885$1,100
Form 201512$2,709
Form 198517$9,961
Form 201921$762
Form 19798$1,501
Form 19480$0
Form 19571$100
Form 20084$200
Form 20091$100
Form 20051$200
Form 19762$250
Form 20014$395
Form 19802$500
Form 19451$183,000
Form 20075$385
Form 20177$1,220
Form 20062$40
Form 19924$1,101
Form 19565$1,200
Form 19813$1,101
Form 202225$775
Form 19896$1,739
Form 20139$15,675
Form 19710$0
Form 19681$100
Form 20042$150
Form 19933$6,000
Form 19963$525
Form 19610$0
Form 19731$100
Form 19843$1,151
Form 19832$2,750
Form 19974$450
Form 19701$200
Form 20103$500
Form 19542$250
Form 19672$600
Form 19983$200
Form 19601$50
Form 20003$350
Form 20116$945
Form 201411$1,070
Form 19470$0
Form 19781$200
Form 19520$0
Form 19580$0
Form 19660$0
Form 19690$0
Form 19621$200
Form 19530$0
Form 19500$0
Form 19460$0
Form 19550$0
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An Anonymous Group of Trustees
Gave $100,000 during a Challenge!
An anonymous group of trustees photo
An anonymous group of trustees
Gave $83,000 during a Challenge!
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The Maqubela Family
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An Anonymous Group of 2013 Formmates
matched a total of $13,000
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An Anonymous Group of 1999 Formmates
Gave $2,500 during a Challenge!
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