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Why support GCU Athletics? Why this year, when competition is unknown? When return to play is up in the air? 

Because you are part of our team, and teams stick together. Teams lift each other up when the going gets tough. And when our teams are down, we come up with a game plan -- a new strategy to come back better and stronger. We regroup and rebuild. Even if we're miles apart, we push each other harder so that when we're reunited, we're ready to compete at the highest level. We give it all we got so when we step back onto the field we make you, our GCU Athletics Team, prouder than ever. 

You are a critical part of our team. Lift up your team by making a gift to GCU Athletics today. Your donation ensures our student athletes have the support they need to compete, both in the classroom and when they return to play. It provides technological resources and equipment should they need to train and learn virtually. Your gift provides additional physical and mental health resources for our athletes, empowering them to navigate this new normal with strength and tenacity and joy. And when stadiums are quieter than usual, your generosity lets our student athletes know that you are behind them, cheering them on.

Join us in supporting GCU student athletes by making a one time donation, or a small monthly gift to provide sustained support to GCU Athletics.

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