Welcome to Spotlight—a video communications and storytelling platform currently available exclusively to members of the GiveCampus community. 

Click here to take advantage of our discounted Beta pricing—available until Friday, July 24.

With Spotlight, you can publish a video thanking donors, wishing a volunteer a happy birthday, sharing an update from the president or head of school, asking people to spread the word about your giving day, and so much more.

Spotlight supports pre-recorded content and livestream video feeds, so you can even broadcast live events and trainings—all in a branded environment dedicated solely to your community and your message. 

Spotlight integrates seamlessly with other GiveCampus products, so you can include tailored calls to action directing your audience to a giving form, a social fundraising campaign, or the Volunteer Management System—or asking them to amplify your message by sharing with others via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text.

Want to see how easy it is to create a Spotlight page? Watch this webinar where GiveCampus CEO Kestrel Linder does just that.

Ready to get started? Click here and take advantage of our discounted Beta pricing—available until July 24.