Dins Day 2024

179% of 2,024 Donor goal
This campaign ended on April 23, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Furman University by clicking here!


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John Pezdek photoJohn Pezdek & Teresa Pezdek matched $2 for each donor, donating a total of $50Just for Areas of Greatest Need

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $200Just for Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Friends of WGSS)

Anthony Murrell photoJ Anthony Murrell matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $200

Liz Bouzarth photoThe professors (Bouzarth, Harris, and Hutson) matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $240Just for Math and the Mouse MayX Annual Fund

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $300Just for Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Friends of WGSS)

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $600Just for Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Friends of WGSS)

George L. Johnson photoGeorge L. Johnson matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Class of 1968

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $6,000Just for Volleyball

An Anonymous DonorCynthia Francisco P'23 matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $10,000Just for FurmanWIN Annual Excellence Fund

An Anonymous DonorCindy Davis '84 matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $15,000Just for Women's Golf

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $15,000Just for Women's Soccer

An Anonymous DonorFurman Parent & Family Council matched $3 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $25,000Just for Furman University Police Department Special Needs
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Kelly Baird photoKelly Baird gave $20 because 10 donors gave

Eddie Good photoEddie Good & Jennifer McHan Good gave $200 because 20 donors gaveJust for Furman Singers Special Tours

An Anonymous DonorThe faculty and staff of Communication Studies gave $1,000 because 100 donors gaveJust for Communication Studies (Charlie Delancey Lectureship for Communication Studies)

An Anonymous DonorJairy Hunter '89 gave $5,000 because 25 donors gaveJust for Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH)

An Anonymous DonorJohn Pazdan gave $5,000 because 25 donors gaveJust for The Hill Institute for Innovation and Entreprenuership

An Anonymous DonorCynthia Francisco P'23 gave $10,000 because 30 donors gaveJust for FurmanWIN Endowed Community Fund

An Anonymous DonorA Generous Furman Family gave $10,000 because 25 donors gaveJust for Exploration of Vocation and Ministry Program

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous donor to Men's Soccer gave $10,000 because $10,000 was given by donorsJust for Men's Soccer

An Anonymous DonorMark ’85 P’26 and Monica P’26 Metz, Ken ’87 P’22 and Mary P’22 Clemens, and Rick ’74 P’04 and Ruth P’04 Wrenn gave $100,000 because 1000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorMark ’85 P’26 and Monica P’26 Metz, Ken ’87 P’22 and Mary P’22 Clemens, and Rick ’74 P’04 and Ruth P’04 Wrenn gave $350,000 because 2024 donors gave

Help Us Unlock $350,000 for Furman Students!   

Dins Day, our cherished day of giving tradition, is celebrating 10 years! Join the alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who are empowering our students to be agents of inspiration, leadership, and change in their communities.  

Together, we’ll raise key resources for The Furman Advantage, Academics, Scholarships, Institutes, Athletics, and Wellness, Belonging and Community.  

Challenge Alert: Mark ’85 P’26 and Monica P’26 Metz, Ken ’87 P’22 and Mary P’22 Clemens, and Rick ’74 P’04 and Ruth P’04 Wrenn are so inspired by the potential of our combined giving – and our exceptional students – they’re challenging our community to unlock $350,000 for student scholarships by reaching 2,024 donors on or before 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, April 23.    

Your gift at any level is vital to our success as we strive to help fuel our students’ ambitions and drive Furman’s competitive excellence. 

*Make your gift now  *Create a match or challenge *Spread the word   


Congratulations to the Top Fund Challenge Winners

The competition for the Top Fund Challenge was strong and ten funds received more than 100 donations.  We’re pleased to share the results of the Challenge along with the additional funding received by each:


Track and Cross Country



Strength and Conditioning



Areas of Greatest Need








Thank you to everyone who made our 10th annual Dins Day an incredible success and for coming together for Furman students.  

24 days ago by John Pezdek

3,039 donor milestone achieved, an additional $100,000 unlocked, and a total of $450,000 for student scholarships earned.  We are grateful!

The competition for the Top Fund Challenge is fierce and several funds are in contention to secure up to an additional $10,000. As our 10th annual Dins Day draws to a close at midnight, which funds will finish in the top five and who will come out on top?!?! 

25 days ago by John Pezdek

Dins on the move… 2,500+ donor milestone achieved!  

25 days ago by John Pezdek

2,024 donor milestone achieved and $350,000 for student scholarships unlocked. 

But the fun is not over yet. Mark ’85 P’26 and Monica P’26 Metz, Ken ’87 P’22 and Mary P’22 Clemens, and Rick ’74 P’04 and Ruth P’04 Wrenn have been so moved by the Furman family’s outpouring of support – they’ve agreed to give an additional $100,000 when we reach 3,039 donors before midnight tonight!  Thanks to their generosity, that’s a Dins Day total of $450,000 for student scholarship support.    

25 days ago by John Pezdek

Here we go Dins… 1,500+ donor milestone achieved!

25 days ago by John Pezdek

Dins on the move… 1,000+ donor milestone achieved!  

25 days ago by John Pezdek

Congrats to the Early Donor Challenge Winner!

The Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Friends of WGSS) Fund will receive an additional $2,000 for securing the most individual donors prior to Dins Day. 

Thank you to everyone who made an early Dins Day donation and helped to build momentum for today!  

25 days ago by John Pezdek

Leaderboards & Donors

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Dins Day Top Overall Fund ChallengeTop Funds beginning April 1, 2024 for all Dins Day donations.
Fund/DesignationDonorsRaised ($)
Class of 1970 Scholarship0$0
David and Carol Mauldin Scholarship0$0
Townes Biology Fund4$164
David and Jean Hiott Scholarship0$0
William King Bryan Annual Scholarship0$0
Student Services Special Fund0$0
Viola D. & Grady E. Hodgens Music Fund1$24
Ethel Carlisle Southern Librarian Scholarship1$5
Women's Lacrosse74$12,963
Tocqueville Program51$7,963
Ernesteen B. and W. Victor Etheridge Scholarship0$0
R. Brandon Aebersold 98 Partners Scholarship0$0
H.P.V. Claussen III Annual Scholarship0$0
Shi Center Sustainability Fellowships2$29
Stall Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dan Cover Endowed Sociology Scholarship2$100
Class of 1964 Scholarship0$0
Class of 1954 Scholarship0$0
Susan Thomson Shi Annual Scholarship0$0
Chris and Marsha Samellas '83 Endowed Scholarship for Education Majors0$0
Everett-Moody Biology Study Away Scholarship3$390
Benny Walker Endowed Scholarship1$250
Anne Maddrey Carpenter and William L. Carpenter Scholarship0$0
Physics Department Current Operations Fund4$340
David Gibson Concert Fund0$0
Edwin McNeil Poteat, Sr. Scholarship0$0
Furman University Library Fellowships1$5
Richards Foreign Study Annual Scholarship0$0
Melanie O'Neal Cavenaugh Endowed Scholarship14$7,842
George H. Jr. & Eleanor Z. Balentine Scholarship0$0
FurmanWIN Community Fund39$3,041
Richards Foreign Study Endowed Scholarship0$0
Paladin Newspaper1$5
Ray and Jean Compton Scholarship0$0
Wallace C. Fallaw Lect: Earth/Environmental Sciences0$0
Student Office for Accessibility Resources (SOAR) Special Projects6$388
Furman University Career Advancement Program (FUCAP) Fund1$5
Men's Tennis54$7,559
Scott '96 and Lexanne Graves Endowed Scholarship0$0
Cheryl S. Kingsland Endowed Scholarship0$0
The Dugan Family Endowed Fund0$0
Rebecca L. Sigmund Scholarship0$0
Jim and Pat Watts Land0$0
The Circle of Distinction0$0
Hafer Family Endowed Fund0$0
David Wells Morgan Fund for Classical and Modern Languages Endowed Fund0$0
Lyles Alley Scholarship-Athletics0$0
Waco F. Childers, Jr. & Elaine Duffy Childers Special Education Scholarship0$0
Ann Sharp Award Fund1$5
Dorianne K. Norwood Fund for Politics and International Affairs0$0
Hinojosa Scholarship1$5,000
Ernest J. Walters Endowed Fund for Political Thought0$0
Literacy Corner1$5
Walter A. "Buddy" Rabon Internship Fund0$0
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (Friends of WGSS)108$5,714
John I. Smith Scholarship0$0
Paladin Stadium Upgrades1$5
CESC Habitat for Humanity Fund2$50
Stillwell Encouragement Scholarship0$0
Student Government Special Fund0$0
Samuel Armstead Carlton Waitt '17 Annual Scholarship0$0
Carl Presley Annual Scholarship0$0
Shucker Leadership Program Endowed1$50
Hendricks-Hillcrest Scholarship Fund0$0
Advocacy and Equity Studies (Master of Arts Program - Restricted Fund)1$24
Kenneth R. & Nelle N. Brown Endowed Music Fund0$0
James and Mary Anne Lanier Annual Scholarship1$25
Wesley Foundation8$534
FurmanWIN Excellence Fund41$31,943
Packman-Whaley Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Computer Science (Hayden S. Porter Endowed Fund)8$403
Marjorie Schmidt Scholarship0$0
Sociology (Sociology Department Special Needs Fund)9$1,018
Milburn and Barbara Price Endowed Music Scholarship6$824
Bridges to a Brighter Future Special Needs6$644
Hilliard Family Foundation Diversity Scholarship0$0
Communication Studies (Charlie Delancey Lectureship for Communication Studies)43$3,450
Joseph A. Vaughn Annual Scholarship12$2,244
Fellowship for Christian Athletes1$24
Kristi L. Engelman '05 Chemistry Research Fund0$0
Army ROTC (Furman Military Alumni Association Endowed Fund)33$3,443
Ray F. Bell 48 Endowed ROTC Award0$0
Furman Cougar Project1$5
The Hanna 6 Annual Scholarship0$0
General Scholarship Fund16$604
Thompson-Thrower Family Scholarship0$0
Sarah Belk Gambrell Scholarship0$0
Judy Aten Theatre Scholarship0$0
Modern Languages & Literature Current Operations Fund0$0
Exploration of Vocation and Ministry Program20$10,786
John Block Endowed Fund0$0
The Pathways Program Annual Fund9$13,884
Kalbas Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Beverly Osborne Williams Teaching Partnerships Fund (Faculty Development Center)63$2,657
Barton Scholarship1$24
Shucker Center for Leadership Development7$1,127
Music (Pianos for Paladins - Steinway Piano Advantage)18$1,229
Samuel Armstead Carlton Waitt '17 Endowed Scholarship0$0
LGBTQIA+ Programming Fund25$1,614
German Program (German Department Special Needs Fund)19$11,884
First Generation College Student Success Fund11$833
Dan Pike Scholarship Fund0$0
Health Sciences and Public Health (Sam Spear '09 Fund for Student Enrichment in Health Sciences)22$1,572
Dr. Paul Martin Cook HES Scholarship0$0
Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH)36$7,771
Anthony DeMaria Music Scholarship0$0
Russell Family Study Away Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth Bradley Clelan 08 & Kyle Clelan Annual Scholarship Fund0$0
Carl F. & Lynne M. Kohrt Annual Scholarship0$0
Coley Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Class of 1999 Foreign Study Scholarship0$0
Men's Basketball137$27,491
The Hill Institute for Innovation and Entreprenuership19$13,013
Furman Singers Special Tours47$4,904
Paladin Scholarship Fund122$23,655
Melissa Cheyne Scholarship0$0
John E. Johns History Scholarship0$0
Furman United: Class of 2015 Scholarship1$240
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)26$2,958
Trey Massey Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Furman United (high-need scholarship)44$4,792
Paul '82 and Frances Robertson Scholarship0$0
Psychology (Charles L. Brewer Endowed Fund)52$7,984
Martha Lattimore Hughes and R. Murray Hughes Annual Scholarship Fund0$0
Yendelela Neely Holston Scholarship0$0
Jane F. Hipp Professorship in Western and American Political Thought0$0
Conetta Family Scholarship for Internships0$0
L.D. Johnson Scholarship in English0$0
Willard Pate Annual Scholarship0$0
Reagan and Mark McLaughlin Annual Scholarship0$0
Posey & Jean Belcher Organ Concert0$0
Class of 1994 Scholarship2$24
Dilworth Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Heatherington Computer Science Scholarship.0$0
Tsuzuki Fund for Asian Studies0$0
Judy Herring Timmons & Thad Timmons Annual Scholarship Fund0$0
Elgar Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Don Gordon Spendable Fund0$0
Class of 1967 Scholarship0$0
Huie Harrison '07 Scholarship0$0
Katie 04 and Justin 04 Krieg Shi Fellows Scholarship0$0
W. Grady Southern Scholarship0$0
Physics (Physics Department Special Needs Fund)30$5,400
AV and Kate Huff American History Book Club Fund2$30
Neuroscience (William Blaker Endowed Fund)14$902
David and Janifer Johnson Endowed Scholarship for Asian Studies0$0
Joe Roberts Scholarship0$0
Politics and International Affairs (Special Needs)16$2,501
Ney Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Crabtree-Stewart Lectureship in Literary Studies0$0
Daniel and Eleanor Boda Scholarship for Orchestral Conducting0$0
Chris Keen '87 Scholarship0$0
Theatre Guild Fund14$1,305
Fisher Family Scholarship1$100
Health Sciences and Public Health (Sam Spear '09 Fund for Student Enrichment in Health Sciences)22$1,572
Herman N. Hipp Hall0$0
Brook Family Scholarship0$0
Thomas P. and Adelyn M. Pruitt0$0
John E. Johns '47 History Annual Scholarship0$0
W.W. 'Pug' and E.H. 'Jean' Walker Endowed Scholarship0$0
Davis Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Scarpa Coaches Endowment Fund0$0
Eleanor and Daniel Boda Scholarship for Music Education0$0
Rinker Partners Scholarship0$0
International Student Support3$245
Daniel and Eleanor Boda String1$500
Jim Hudson Endowed Scholarship0$0
Rick and Melanye Hays Cravey Scholarship0$0
Summer Missions Project0$0
Mathematics (Wylie Mathematics Endowment)23$2,545
Christopher Joseph Cahill Scholarship0$0
Dan Ellis Scholarship Fund0$0
Gospel Ensemble1$5
John Bagwell '89 Offensive Coordinator Endowment2$200
Harrigan Art Fund0$0
The Furman Advantage24$2,919
Davis Family Endowed Scholarship1$144
Richard R. Maag Scholarship - Music2$100
Senior Class of 1965 Scholarship0$0
Asian Studies (Jones Asian Studies)6$644
Patrick L. Garner '00 and Christine Garner Scholarship0$0
History (Marian Strobel Endowment in History)87$10,524
Sarah I. Rivers Irrevocable Trust0$0
Joseph and Carolyn Warden Endowed Scholarship0$0
Academic Support (for Peer Assisted Learning, the Center for Academic Success, and the Writing and Media Lab)8$2,765
Men's Golf105$26,703
Accounting (Accounting Special Needs Fund)8$3,734
Furman Metropolitan Fellowship (FMF)2$374
Walk of Honor Fund0$0
Hayne Anderson Botts Scholarship0$0
Mock Trial78$31,134
James and Mary Anne Lanier Endowed Scholarship0$0
Women's Golf89$44,548
Furman United: Class of 2018 Scholarship0$0
Men's Soccer85$17,224
Linda Julian Scholarship Fund1$5
Study Away23$2,058
Economics (Richard A. Stanford Engaged Learning in Economics Fund)11$3,040
The Dillard Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Service Learning1$5
Class of 2010 Scholarship0$0
French Program (Park Family Fund for Support of the French Program)8$645
Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection14$647
Plant Conservation Research Fund5$240
Donahue Family Scholarship0$0
Sculpture for Shi Center1$5
Athletics Strategic Fund0$0
Ney Family Annual Scholarship3$321
Friends of the Lake3$41
The Hillel Endowment Fund1$100
Marguerite M. Chiles Scholarship0$0
Roy and Dixie McAdams Endowed History Scholarship0$0
The Riley Institute13$477
Brad Henderson Scholarship Fund0$0
Furman United, Eric Weigel: Class of 2013 Scholarship0$0
Yates Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Edwin Coulter Political Science Endowed Fund0$0
Lawrence W. Swanson Memorial Scholarship0$0
John Terry Poole and Sarah Joan Moyer-Poole Endowed Fund0$0
English (English Department Special Needs Fund)6$389
Sonya Weber and Hertha Flack Music Scholarship0$0
Sports Medicine Department62$14,344
Women's Tennis54$7,292
W. Lindsay Smith Music Scholarship0$0
Robert E. Coley '56 Endowed Library Fund0$0
Rebecca Armacost '89 Scholarship0$0
Todd M. Price '90 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Data Analytics Program Annual Fund6$394
Les '76 and Kay Knight Scholarship0$0
Band (Band Designated Fund)37$2,635
Susan and Alec Taylor Partners Scholarship0$0
Helen Lee Turner Religion Fund0$0
Trey Massey Memorial Annual Scholarship0$0
David E. Shi Center for Sustainability Endowed Fund10$509
Parent and Family Fund19$17,984
BrigadierGeneral (USAF-Retired) James J. Burks '89 and Mrs. Valarie S. Burks '89 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Paladin Career Treks Fund (Career Services Fund)10$306
Dins Dialogue3$34
Lillian Ervin Duggan Scholarship0$0
Fraternity and Sorority Life (Greek Life Fund)3$69
Child Development Center Fund4$130
Shoeless Joe Jackson Scholarship1$5
Grady Anthony '10 Memorial Fund0$0
Robert '83 and Margaret Platt '83 Hill Scholarship0$0
M M & A S Sullivan Annual Scholarship0$0
Areas of Greatest Need235$34,371
Trone Family Endowed Fund for Student Mental Health and Well-Being1$5
Becherer Annual Scholarship for Health Sciences0$0
Huff Center for Piedmont History0$0
English Department Current Operations Fund2$115
Gil Einstein Fund for Psychology1$5
George G. Willis Endowment: Furman Arboretum0$0
Furman University Police Department Special Needs12$33,253
Staff Community Scholarship Endowment10$181
Classical Language3$55
John F. Bannon Scholarship0$0
Scott '96 and Lexanne Graves Annual Scholarship0$0
Lizanne Thomas '79 Endowed Scholarship0$0
James Leavell Asian Studies Fund0$0
Wilkins Program0$0
Judith Gail Goodman Sasser and Joseph Neal Sasser, Jr. Annual Fund for Piano for Young People0$0
Bryan Center Building LT Maintenance0$0
Furman Elite0$0
Susan Thomson Shi Endowed Scholarship0$0
Class 1997 - Library Endowment2$250
Special Education Fund0$0
Judith E. Culbreth Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Class of 1995 Scholarship0$0
Media Center for Communications2$55
Vera B. Burton Lecture Series at Furman University0$0
William L. Jeffords Scholarship0$0
Willard Metcalf Memorial Scholarship6$1,224
Marvin Owen '77 Scholarship0$0
Women's Soccer66$23,772
Justin Krieg '04 and Katie Martin Krieg '04 Scholarship0$0
Mary Ellen Abercrombie Holloway '43 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Encouraging Respect of Sexualities (EROS)1$5
Class of '62: 50th Anniversary Fund0$0
Celebration of Reading American History Lecture0$0
Class of 1992 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Faculty Scholarship Fund0$0
Susan Young Anderson Scholarship0$0
Bony Hampton Peace, Jr. Foreign Study Scholarship0$0
Farmer Partners Scholarship #10$0
Rudolph D. Bates Award0$0
Chemistry (Chemistry Special Needs)31$2,509
Trude and Max Heller Annual Scholarship1$50
The Occasions for Philosophy0$0
Jane Allee Rice 43 Endowed Scholarship0$0
June Williams Collinson Gibson 40 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Nan Trammell Herring Music Pav. Maintenance0$0
Gavin B. Rice '17 Neuroscience Fund0$0
REK Expansion & Renovation Project1$5
Edwin Coulter Award in Political Science0$0
Presser Foundation Scholarship0$0
J. Haynesworth Boyd '37 and Frances Campbell Boyd '39 Annual Scholarship0$0
Reagan and Mark McLaughlin Endowed Scholarship0$0
Neal A. Schier '83 Endowed Scholarship0$0
LeBlanc Family Annual Scholarship Fund0$0
Sports Club Council: Aikido1$5
Mary Earle McCraw 59 Endowed Scholarship for English1$5
Special Projects: La Selva Biological Preserve0$0
Dilworth Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Washington DC Mentor Program0$0
Sandy Molnar Physical Education0$0
George B. Tindall Endowed Lecture and Scholarship0$0
On Discourse Annual Fund1$5
Dr. R. Olof Sorensen Fund0$0
Religion (Religion Department Special Needs Fund)7$259
Class of 2008 Scholarship0$0
Ethno Botany Garden2$10
Jimmy Satterfield Endowed Scholarship0$0
Rev. William J. Jordan Scholarship0$0
Dillard Brownlee Family Medical Scholarship0$0
Linda Lee Petrakis 85 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Trone Center for Mental Health1$100
Martha Lattimore Hughes and R. Murray Hughes Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Dean's Special Fund0$0
Jennifer '92 and Eddie '89 Good Endowed Scholarship0$0
Lois Aileen Coggins Professorship1$240
Randy Eaddy '76 Study Away Scholarship3$350
Martha Williamson Weed Scholarship0$0
Mary Mills Roberson Annual Scholarship0$0
Stolper Family Computer Science Research Fund - Annual Scholarship0$0
Furman United: Class of 2019 Scholarship0$0
Laura and Ward Keeney 78 Excellence in Percussion Scholarship0$0
Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine Annual Scholarship Fund5$415
Seeking Abraham Project0$0
Tunnell Family Endowed Library Fund0$0
Tocqueville Endowment2$20
Dr. Robert Chesebro Scholarship0$0
Robert Burns King '59 Scholarship0$0
Mary K.Thiedke Annual Scholarship Fund0$0
McCahan Colloquium in Psychology0$0
Bell Tower Boys: Furman Ambassador Tour3$55
Class of 1968 Scholarship0$0
Sharon and Leonard Lee Annual Scholarship0$0
Catholic Campus Ministries5$407
Quaternion Senior Order1$100
Mark Rowe Scholarship0$0
Thomas E. Flowers Art Scholarship0$0
Dance Team Restricted Fund4$1,123
Research Internship Supplements1$2,500
Don '66 and Betty Anderson Annual Scholarship0$0
Paula Harper Bethea Award0$0
Calder D. Ehrmann Leadership Fund0$0
Blue Shoes Endowed Scholarship2$100
Carolyn James '62 Endowed Scholarship0$0
RaeNae's Giving Tree Annual Fund0$0
Jack Dickey Endowed Scholarship0$0
Graduate Studies (Graduate Student Support Fund)2$293
Sports Club Council: General Fund1$5
David Wells Morgan Fund for Classical & Modern Languages Annual Fund0$0
Eleanor B. Turner Scholarship0$0
Baron Garrett Athletic Scholarship0$0
Hartness Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Joseph A. Vaughn Endowed Scholarship3$148
L. D. Johnson Scholarship2$100
Jairy Hunter Endowment for Health Care Seminars0$0
Paladin Regiment Uniform Replacement Fund4$229
Louise C. Reames and Ann Reames Watson Scholarship0$0
Alexander Family Research Fund0$0
Weight Room Renovation1$5
James and Mary Anne Lanier Endowed Fund for the Shi Center for Sustainability1$5
Christina Farmer Waring Endowed Art Scholarship0$0
Library Book Fund1$15
Mere Christianity Forum10$504
Performing and Fine Arts2$10
Center for Teaching & Engaged Learning Current Operations Fund1$5
Harold "Gally" Gallivan '69 Research Fund0$0
Francis Bonner Memorial Scholarship0$0
Alan R. Cochran '75 Riley Institute Endowment0$0
Cullen Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Trude and Max Heller Endowed Scholarship0$0
Shepard Saltzman Annual Scholarship0$0
Buford-Cloer-Shucker Scholarship0$0
Matthew W. Wilson Annual Scholarship0$0
Leah M. Long '86 Annual Scholarship0$0
Matthew W. Wilson Endowed Scholarship for Pre-Medical Students0$0
Lee R. Ramsey Chemistry Research0$0
Class of 2009 Senior Gift: Bridges Endowed Scholarship0$0
Furman Fellows Endowment0$0
Math and the Mouse MayX Annual Fund45$4,040
RaeNae's Giving Tree Endowed Fund0$0
LeBlanc Fund for the Center for Inclusive Communities1$5
Kimberly A. Floyd Annual Music Scholarship0$0
J. Haynesworth Boyd '37 and Frances Campbell Boyd '39 Endowed Scholarship0$0
John R. Sampey Undergraduate Research Fund in Chemistry2$1,248
Philosophy (Philosophy Special Needs Fund)2$29
Furman Jazz Ensemble8$1,369
Nancy Cooper Valentine's Dance for Exceptional Adults19$959
SLBC Book Fund1$79
Furman University Libraries (Friends of the Furman University Libraries)32$3,490
Religion Department Current Operations Fund0$0
Townes Professorship for Science0$0
Jane & Les Hudson Annual Scholarship0$0
Andy '00 and Lesley Morgan '01 Peters Endowed Fund for Internships0$0
Kessler Award for Excellence in Accounting Endowment0$0
Jessie B. & Elijah M. Hicks Scholarship0$0
Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences (EESS Special Needs Fund)6$153
Women's Basketball61$13,900
The Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Presidential Scholarship0$0
Mildred Perkins Morrison Scholarshi0$0
Rinker Forum for Entrepreneurship, Free Enterprise, and Innovation0$0
Kirby '63/Rogers Scholarship0$0
Dana and Chip Wilson Annual History Scholarship0$0
Tom and Margie Humphries Endowed Scholarship0$0
Sigma Nu Fund0$0
Hunt Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
BrigadierGeneral (USAF-Retired) James J. Burks '89 and Mrs. Valarie S. Burks '89 Annual Scholarship0$0
Helen L. & Margaret E. Ulmer Scholarship0$0
Politics and International Affairs Current Operations Fund1$10
Becky Edwards Hash Endowed Scholarship0$0
Melvin K. Younts Pre-Law Scholarship0$0
Philosophy Current Operations Fund1$100
Bill and Pat Traxler Fund for The Furman Advantage0$0
Donald A. Waterfield Memorial Scholarship0$0
Class of 1974 Scholarship1$500
Cartee Scholarship0$0
Baptist Campus Ministry0$0
Stephen D. Mitchell Scholarship0$0
Ron 81 and Tammy Malone Endowment for Career Engagement0$0
Angel Analyst Program Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship I&E (IDEA)0$0
Eugene C. and Louise M. Proctor Scholarship0$0
Track & Cross Country366$12,801
Music Department Special Fund5$300
Angel Analyst Fellowship Program Fund0$0
Art Department Awards3$255
Spanish (Spanish Special Needs Fund)3$130
Wesner-Price Scholarship0$0
E. Roy Stone, Jr. ROTC Scholarship0$0
The Furman Standard: Faculty Enhancement Endowment0$0
Nathan and Sugie Einstein Scholarship0$0
Crantford Chair for Modern Languages0$0
Traggorth Family 03 Partners Scholarship0$0
C. Dayton Riddle, Jr.,M.D. Scholarship0$0
Furman United: Class of 2020 Scholarship0$0
Dr. Emily Trout Owens Scholarship0$0
Martha and Sally Caldwell Scholarship0$0
Student Alumni Council Scholarship0$0
David Smith Scholarship0$0
Class of 1981 Furman United Scholarship1$250
Rugby Stadium Fund1$5
Music Department Current Operations Fund0$0
Julius W. 'Pinky' Babb, Jr. Scholarship0$0
John Fletcher Merrill Scholarship Fund0$0
General Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Bryan Center Building General Maintenance0$0
Broadus and Evelyn Hicks Littlejohn Scholarship0$0
Herring Music Fellowship Endowed Fund2$24
Modern Languages and Literatures3$117
Scurry Scholarships0$0
Edward Tate Zeigler Scholarship0$0
Ernest E. Harrill Scholarship Fund2$240
Cullen Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Jewish Student Association2$36
Student Counseling Center Current Operations Fund0$0
William and Martha Caldwell Power Scholarship0$0
Edward Arthur Earl Student-Faculty Research Fund0$0
Maxwell Music Library Fund1$5
Class of 1989 Scholarship0$0
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Sports Club Council: Swimming2$29
Ida Lee Parler & John Foster Smith Scholarship0$0
A.W. Hawkins Scholarship1$24
Jim and Diamon Howell Scholarship Fund0$0
Don '66 and Betty Anderson Endowed Scholarship0$0
Messinger Family Scholarship0$0
Riordan MedEx Annual Scholarship0$0
John Crabtree Scholarship0$0
Association of Furman Students Fund1$5
Daniel Bennett McGee Endowed Scholarship for Theological Ethics0$0
Ella Wharton Taylor Scholarship0$0
PAC Renovation Fund1$5
Charles F. Evans '69 Annual LGBT Scholarship0$0
Robert Earle Gregory, Sr. Athletic Scholarship0$0
Scott and Debra Pyron Endowed Scholarship0$0
Willard Pate Endowed Scholarship1$10,000
Spitler-Holley Endowed Internship Fund1$25
Jeffery A. Davis '79 Research Fund for Earth & Environmental Sciences0$0
Campus Beautification Current Operations Fund1$5
Vick Professorship1$5
Sanders Family Foundation Partners Fund0$0
Becky Edwards Hash Annual Scholarship0$0
Robert and Missy Anders Fund0$0
L. D. Johnson Lecture Series3$75
Paladin Stadium Videoboard Fund1$5
DuPre Rhame Scholarship0$0
Caroline Smith Memorial Gifts - Capital Project2$100
Lizanne Thomas '79 Annual Scholarship0$0
Chiles-Harrill Award0$0
Mary Peace Endowed Scholarship0$0
Kirsten Amley Orr '94 and Brian P. Orr '94 Scholarship1$5
Charles F. Evans '69 Annual LGBT Scholarship0$0
Faculty Development Current Operations Fund0$0
South Carolina Poetry Archives1$5
J. Wilbert Wood Memorial0$0
William E. Leverette, Jr. Chair0$0
Classical Studies Scholarship Fund0$0
Caroline Williams Plyler Scholarship0$0
Purple Pounders Endowed Scholarship0$0
Herring Music Fellowship Annual Fund1$50
Edward Arthur Earl Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
McWhorter Family Scholarship0$0
Class of 1993 Scholarship0$0
Jennifer McHan Good Lecture Hall0$0
Riordan MedEx Endowed Scholarship0$0
Business (Business Special Needs Fund)2$105
Thomas C. Turner Scholarship0$0
Katherine Elizabeth Sieve '17 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Furman United: Class of 2007 Scholarship0$0
Mary Seawell Metz '58 For the Directorship of the Faculty Development Center0$0
Joan Scheele Mueller Scholarship0$0
Inclusive Excellence Annual Fund5$319
Robert L. and Dorothy W. Cate Research Fellowship0$0
Thomson Church Music Lectures0$0
Sociology Department Current Operations Fund2$49
Hunt Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Pinson Family Scholarship0$0
S. Sidney and Margaret L. Ulmer Endowed Fund1$250
Rhoten Shetley Memorial Athletic0$0
Mays M. Barnett Scholarship Fund0$0
H. W. and Leola Walker Family Fund1$24
Basketball Facilities Enhancement2$15
Clemens Angel Analyst Fellowship0$0
Louis G. Williams Endowed Scholarship0$0
Daisy Martin and John Rogers Orr Scholarship0$0
Special Collections and Archives Fund3$305
Bluestein Thompson Sullivan Scholarship0$0
Ouzts Physics Award1$240
Education (John Gordon Holt Scholarship)10$603
Jennifer '92 and Eddie '89 Good Annual Scholarship0$0
The Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Presidential Fellowship0$0
Kellett Family Annual Scholarship0$0
Kenneth R. and Nelle N. Brown Endowed Scholarship0$0
Sports Club Council: Rugby1$5
Laurie and Kevin Byrne '91 Internship Fund0$0
Alexander R. & Lucille T. Stanford Scholarship0$0
Strength and Conditioning351$29,522
Deborah L. Southern Endowed Scholarship0$0
Mary Ann Furse Scholarship0$0
Paladin Battalion Operational Fund in Honor of LTC Robert W. Sanders1$5
Sharon and Leonard Lee Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
General Endowment Fund0$0
Special Restricted Fund0$0
Faculty Scholarship Fund Endow0$0
Rinker International Study Away Endowment0$0
Childers Foundation Teaching Excellence Award0$0
Hartness Music Scholarship1$524
Gettis D. Jr. and Mary T. Woods Scholarship0$0
Horst Fund for Shi Institute CCC Weatherization0$0
Arch L. Bell '98 Annual Scholarship0$0
Dr. J. Decherd Guess Scholarship0$0
Dr. James D. Gould Scholarship0$0
Sandel Family Scholarship0$0
Dr. Grace L. Hill Scholarship0$0
Thomas Spann Farmer Endowed Scholarship0$0
Lynda Gilkeson Tocqueville Program Speaker Endowment0$0
Gordon & Sarah Herring Scholarship0$0
David Rufus and Eleanor Southern Hill Scholarship0$0
Class of 2004 Scholarship0$0
Wayne '68 and Rubye Reid Family Endowed Fund0$0
Wayne B. and Sue M. Elmore Endowed0$0
Ann "Tunky" Riley Memorial/Dick & Tunky Riley WWSC Awards0$0
Clint Hill Scholarship0$0
Carl Presley Endowed Scholarship0$0
Becky McKittrick Scholarship Fund2$100
Class of 1992 Annual Scholarship0$0
Johnny Flynn 69 Paladin Pitch Award Fund0$0
The Spirit of Jackson James Roberts '18 Award0$0
Anthropology Fund4$672
Sciences Summer Internship Program0$0
Jane & Les Hudson Endowed Scholarship0$0
Strategic Design (Master of Arts Program)0$0
Eleanor Connors & William Morrow Jr. Scholarship0$0
Esther Greene Rogers Music Scholarship0$0
Neal A. Schier '83 Annual Scholarship0$0
Jessie B. and Elijah M. Hicks0$0
Frances Bott-Jones Endowed Scholarship0$0
Paula Dew Harper Scholarship Fund0$0
Rivers Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ronald W. McKinney '70 Annual Scholarship0$0
Furman United: Class of 2017 Scholarship0$0
Merl and Denise Code Fund0$0
Joshua E. Varat Scholarship0$0
Triplitt Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Mary Frances Edwards Garrett and T. Lloyd Garrett Scholarship Fund0$0
Ethno Botany Endowed Fund0$0
Patrick Kerley Student Life Fund0$0
Trone Student Center1$5
Barksdale Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Class of 1969 Scholarship0$0
Class of 1959 Scholarship0$0
Ryan Wood 24 Fund for Top Mock Summer Program2$50
Rinker Family Grant for Study Away Program0$0
Elizabeth Thackston Taylor Botany Medal Award0$0
Robert L. Swofford '69 Endowed Fund0$0
Furman United: Class of 2014 Scholarship1$20
Furman United: Endowed Scholarship0$0
Student Activities (Student Life)3$229
Garrett Amphitheater Endowment1$5
General Endowment0$0
Wells Family Endowment for Special Collections0$0
Class of 1964 50th Reunion: Cherrydale Garden0$0
Carolyn Auld Greyard Scholarship0$0
Mary K. Thiedke Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Dr. I. Lee Arnold Scholarship0$0
Spirit Of Adventure Scholarship0$0
Katherine Larder Partners Scholarship0$0
Christmas Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Becherer Endowed Scholarship for Health Sciences (IACH)1$25
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Mark ’85 P’26 and Monica P’26 Metz, Ken ’87 P’22 and Mary P’22 Clemens, and Rick ’74 P’04 and Ruth P’04 Wrenn photo
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