The Playground Initiative

This campaign ended on December 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Friends School Of Wilmington by clicking here!

Friends School of Wilmington is Building a Playground!

Exploration of the outside world, movement, and fresh air are essential for a child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. Creating a dynamic outdoor environment will mean that students at Friends School of Wilmington do not think of learning as an indoor activity and playing as something you do outside - our students will learn and grow everywhere.  

Our playground will include structures that invite the use of large and small motor skills, imaginative play, group activities, and safe, solo explorations. It will appeal to the children's senses of sight, smell, sound and touch and it will expand their experience of what is possible in their world. It will be connected by fences and gates that ensure safety. The magic ingredients are:

  • Two wooden play structures for climbing, movement and imaginative play
  • water sluices and loose parts building
  • paths through greenspace and around the pond
  • a "birds' nest" observation deck
  • balance beams and spinner bowls
  • treehouse and sand area
  • planter boxes and a butterfly garden
  • playhouse and stage
  • gaga ball for 5th-8th grade students
  • disc golf course

Join us in making possible this long-awaited enhancement for Friends School of Wilmington! 

$25,000 is half the cost of the playground. We are grateful to have your support!



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Nina Pirrotti
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Craig and Kendra Pendergrast Brown
Erica Benton
Terry and Libby Pendergrast
Zora Popovic
Liz & Steve Moran
Ann M Souder
Henry and Luc Adams
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Roy & Tina ward
Cecile Blankenhorn
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Tracy Leigh Boyer-Matthews
Beth Jaskolka
Katherine C Morgan
Lona Popovic & Eric Clemmer
Karen Daniels Toth
Linda and Rob Grew
Tracy Tertzagian
Joseph Finley
Kelly Harris
Michelle Stellaccio
Ivy, M Peterson
Amy & Tim McGlinn
Ericka Shepard
Radoje & Barbara Popovic
David E Hoolahan
Alex Vonsiatsky
Gina M. Smith
Cannon Morgan
Courtney Serkin

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Benches placed around the playground for resting and enjoying the outdoors!


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Pond Gate


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Mud Table


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Garden beds for growing flowers, veggies and herbs!

DONATE $1,500

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Embankment Slides offer constant thrills of movement and speed.Slides encourage scientific curiosity: climbing the hill builds up a reservoir of potential energy resulting from gravity’s pull, sliding down the hill turns that supply of energy into its kinetic form -- and demonstrates acceleration and velocity. Slides trigger both proprioceptive and kinesthetic responses; they help illustrate several branches of mathematics (geometry, calculus, and trigonometry); they help children stay active, get physically fit, and develop motor skills and coordination; and they are the most popular play element on a Natural Playground.


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Natural water feature that will allow students to explore different concepts about water flow.


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Wooden tunnel for crawling through and exploring


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Arbor to Butterfly Garden

DONATE $1,000

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Musical fence, 4 ft long. This wonderfully inventive, unique musical instrument teaches many lessons about rhythm, movement, and sound.

DONATE $2,000

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Stage for performing, gathering and playing

DONATE $2,500

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The “Big” Pirate Ship is a very popular size and is the perfect play structure for our play area. It features over 200 sq ft of deck play space and measures an awesome 17 ft long by 8 ft wide!

DONATE $3,000

Only 1 left!

The playhouse is unique and nature inspired. The rustic nature of the playhouse suggests wonder and imaginative play-themes.The playhouse itself is framed with Northern White Cedar trees dipped in an environmentally friendly, brown colored, semi- transparent stain which highlights the beautiful wood grain and protects them from the elements. The log spindled half walls provide a fort like feeling but allow for perfect supervision and the ability to "see in".

DONATE $15,000

Only 1 left!

Constructed primarily with whole, round logs, the PreK wooden play structure makes your space beautiful and helps connect students to Nature and the Great Outdoors.

DONATE $1,450

Only 2 left!

Kompan Spinner Bowls (2) - With its easily accessible, tilted spinning bowl it invites children of all abilities and a wide age span to play. The variety of play opportunities include sitting in, on edge of, pushing, pulling or even standing in the spinner bowl. these make the Spinner Bowl a long-time attraction. The tilted bowl allows the child to adjust the spinning speed with their body movements. This trains the logical thinking to speed up by scooping up or slow down by spreading arms and legs out. Spinner Bowls train the sense of balance, which is mandatory for concentration skills and the ability to sit still.

DONATE $2,000

Only 2 left!

Stainless steel handpumps, cistern and platform (2) for the water features.

DONATE $21,000

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The K-4th grade wooden play structure combines an upper and a lower level to entertain a wide age range of users. The beautiful whole, round logs make your space beautiful and compliment any architectural style.

DONATE $1,000

Only 1 left!

Courtyard picnic area shade sails

DONATE $1,000

Only 1 left!

Gaga ball pit- Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. The more players the better! Dubbed a kinder gentler version of dodge ball, the game is played with a soft foam ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.