#GoTheDistance - FSW's Distance Learning Initiative

This campaign ended on May 17, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Friends School Of Wilmington by clicking here!

On March 18th, as a result of COVID-19, FSW transitioned to emergency remote learning. Our faculty shifted in response to the current challenges in just under three days, and they continue to evolve, support, and inspire our students. 

Pivoting to distance learning has revealed the resilience, resolve and creativity of our faculty, students, and families. It has also brought to the forefront our need to support teaching and learning with reliable and upgraded technological tools.

Please consider making a gift in support of our vital and creative uses of technology. Below are a few examples of software and hardware that our teachers and students are using as we #GotheDistance.

  • Student Chromebooks 
  • Faculty Laptops 
  • IXL, Interactive Math: Class Program
  • Everyday Mathematics Program
  • Keyboarding without Tears Program
  • Raz Kids Guiding Reading Program
  • Seesaw Plus Program

On behalf of the students at Friends School, our dedicated faculty and staff, and all who share our commitment to children, we thank you for helping to keep Friends School of Wilmington strong and growing. Your tax-deductible gift is deeply appreciated and makes an immediate impact.



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Only 17 left!

$251 purchases one new Chromebook tablet for a student. Or donate more for a class set of 18. Many of our Chromebook tablets need replacing. These are currently used by students grade 5th-8th to access remote learning platforms and in the classroom.


Only 1 left!

$216 purchases a class license for Keyboarding without Tears. A program to help our 4th and 5th graders learn the essential skill of typing.


Only 3 left!

$210 purchases a class license for Reading A-Z (Raz-Plus edition) Program used from Kindergarten to 2nd grade as part of our reading program.


Only 6 left!

$120 purchases a class license to Seesaw Plus program that supports distance learning for students in Kindergarten - 4th grade.


Only 7 left!

$875 purchases a new laptop for a teacher. Many of our laptops need replacing, especially now to support online learning.


Only 5 left!

$299 purchases a class license for IXL Math, an online tool that makes math fun and interactive. Used by students in grades 1st-5th grade.


Only 1 left!

$250 purchases a class license for Soundtrap for the Music program. Soundtrap is a web based collaborative recording studio that encourages creativity and collaboration through audio.


None Left!

$99 purchases a class license for Mystery Science a program used in 4th grade. An online tool that supports a love of science and engineering and easily shares lessons for remote learning.


Only 16 left!

$12 purchases one student license for Diablo Highway Forensic Science Lab Activity, a problem-based learning online tool that compels the application of science through real-world problem solving for middle school students. Or donate more for a class set!


Only 19 left!

$50 purchases one school license per faculty member. Zoom is an essential tool that allows for video conferencing during distance learning.