FSH Day of Giving

This campaign ended on May 03, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Friends School Haverford by clicking here!

This is it—#FSHDayofGiving starts now and goes for 24 hours.

From the Minutes of the 15th of the fourth month of 1885 the plan was authorized for "they favor such a school, believing that it would have a useful place and be self-sustaining, if a proper building were provided for it." 134 years ago Haverford Friends, now known as Friends School Haverford, was established. Today we celebrate the founding of our school with a Day of Giving.

Our goal is for 134 donors to make a gift to Friends School Haverford in just one day! This will represent a gift for every year since the school's founding in 1885. Share this with your friends, classmates, and parents using the hashtag #FSHDayofGiving and encourage them to join you in making a gift. Once we reach 134 donors it will unlock a gift of $10,000 to the Annual Fund.

#FSHDayofGiving #FSH1885

FSH Day of Giving Leaderboard

The FSH Day of Giving Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2018 2$50
2025 1$10
2029 1$108
2024 1$50
2020 1$500
2004 1$100
2014 1$500
2015 1$15
2016 1$25

Donor affiliations

7% Alumni

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59% Parents

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14% Faculty/Staff

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18% Friends

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Donor list

Eduardo Martinez
Dan Ettinger photoDan Ettinger
Kristin Lewis
John, P, Rogers
Roberta Brennan
Carol Dixon
Terence & Victoria Ryan
Matt Jackson
Sophie O'Beirne
Dee Amey photoDee Amey
Lori Brennan
Michelle Mann-ODonnell
Ellen F Evans
Leslie C Dunn
Annie Duggan
Nora Petito
Lori Ryals
Christie and Brad Reed
Suzy Miller & Howard Sklaroff
Isobel ODonnell
Anne Roche
Robert M. Palumbos

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