FHU Challenge 2020 PKA Gover/Maxwell Fund Project

This campaign ended on November 06, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Freed-Hardeman University by clicking here!

FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page

FHU Challenge 2020

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FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page
FHU Challenge 2020 PKA Gover/Maxwell Fund Project
1,286 Donors
$400,247 Donated

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FHU Family--you’ve been issued a bigger and bolder challenge! Today, when you and 749 others make a gift during FHU Challenge 2020, anonymous donors will make a $150,000 gift to benefit FHU students. 

As one of the campus groups participating in the FHU Challenge, Phi Kappa Alpha is raising money for two projects that have been meaningful to PKA for many years, the Maxwell Endowment Fund and the Gover Endowment Fund

The Don and Linda Sue Gover Endowed Fund helps provide money for Phi Kappa to provide help for Mrs. Linda Sue with things like repairs around her house, in the house, yard upkeep, and providing cookie supplies for Thursday meetings at 4:00. It also provides an annually designated awarded scholarship in honor of the Govers. 

The Maxwell Fund provides resources for programs, projects, and activities of the PKA social club, as well as providing an annually designated awarded scholarship in honor of the Maxwells. 

To help meet the FHU Challenge and further support these two important funds, PKA has a goal of raising $5,000 to go towards these improvements. All funds raised for this project will be evenly split between the two funds. Will you make a gift today to support the Gover/Maxwell Fund project?

And the best part is, today, not only does your gift help this project,  your gift will also move us forward in the FHU Challenge, which can benefit all FHU students!



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
2020 3$625
2019 1$10
2018 1$300
2017 2$125
2016 3$270
2014 1$15
2011 1$10
2010 1$20
2009 2$300
2008 6$710
2007 1$20
2006 1$100
2005 1$50
2004 1$50
2002 1$25
1997 2$200
1996 1$50
1995 1$50
1993 2$200
1992 1$25
1991 1$50
1990 2$35
1989 1$100
1987 1$25
1980 1$50

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85% Alumni

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2% Students

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25% Parents

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14% Faculty/Staff

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11% Friends

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Rhonda Thompson
Amala Harvill
Shirley Eldridge
Caroline Latham
Dave Clouse photoDave Clouse
Summer Judd
Keith Smith
James and Shelby Biggs
Shannon & Kim Buckner
Marci Sneed
Jarred & Beth Anne Clayton
LaNita Bowman
Tyler Hughes
Cari Rowe
Marshall Dearing
Richard & Sara Wood
Drew Triplett
Donna McMillin
Ashley Edwards
Courtney Walton
Emily Saunders
Alan Ragan
Donna Newberry
Ramonda Scott
Erin Jones
Macy Chupp
Adam Cross
Whitney Bennett-Estes
Dan Mills
Stan Shelton
Wendy Gean
Dana Eldridge
Tommy Jones

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