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FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page

FHU Challenge 2020

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FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page
FHU Challenge 2020 FHU Travel Abroad
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FHU Abroad's semester-long study abroad program is an unparalleled opportunity for experiential learning and travel throughout Europe. Students are able to see and engage with the things they learn about in the classroom through first-hand encounters with other European countries and cultures. The study abroad experience also allows participants to develop new skills and perspectives like independence, cultural understanding, and global awareness.

The program's location in Belgium is excellent for facilitating travel throughout Western Europe, and our students typically visit a dozen or more countries during the program. Classroom instruction occurs in the FHU Abroad building in Verviers, Belgium, but important learning also takes place off-site during group day trips and extended travel sessions to places throughout Europe.

Experiences that FHU students have during the semester abroad include:

  • Touring the Hemicycle in Brussels where Members of the European Parliament gather and hold debates.
  • Learning about the treasured artwork and artifacts in Paris's Louvre Museum.
  • Visiting the first Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Germany.
  • Marveling at the architecture in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance.
  • Attending a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre in London.

Your donation can help improve the study abroad experience for FHU students by funding student scholarships and paying for new furniture and facility improvements in Verviers.



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