FHU Challenge 2020 Cheerleading

This campaign ended on November 06, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Freed-Hardeman University by clicking here!

FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page

FHU Challenge 2020

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FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page
FHU Challenge 2020 Cheerleading
1,286 Donors
$400,247 Donated

Become an advocate and show your support today!

FHU Cheerleading Family--you’ve been issued a bigger and bolder challenge! Today, when you and 749 others make a gift during FHU Challenge 2020, anonymous donors will make a $150,000 gift to benefit FHU students. 

As one of the campus groups participating in the FHU Challenge, the FHU Cheerleading team is raising money for new equipment. Our team has expanded from 7 cheerleaders to 13 cheerleaders, which is exciting! With this expansion comes the cost of additional equipment, which includes: uniforms, shoes, bags, poms, warm-ups and of course bows. The team has been using the same uniforms for five years, so it is time to update the uniforms for all 13 students! 

  • Uniform - $200
  • Warm-ups - $97.75
  • Shoes - $42.25
  • Bag - $32.50
  • Poms - $12.50 
  • Bow - $10

$400 per student 

To help meet the FHU Challenge and provide a better experience for students, the cheerleading team has a goal of raising $5,200. The complete cost for the items listed above is around $400 per student, and provides everything the cheerleaders need for a great season. . Will you make a gift today to support the FHU Cheerleading team?

And the best part is, today, not only does your gift help this project,  your gift will also move us forward in the FHU Challenge, which can benefit all FHU students!



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