FHU Challenge 2020 Associates Endowed Scholarship

This campaign ended on November 06, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Freed-Hardeman University by clicking here!

FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page

FHU Challenge 2020

Give Back...Impact Students

FHU Challenge 2020 Summary Page
FHU Challenge 2020 Associates Endowed Scholarship
1,286 Donors
$400,247 Donated

Become an advocate and show your support today!

FHU Family--you’ve been issued a bigger and bolder challenge! Today, when you and 749 others make a gift during FHU Challenge 2020, anonymous donors will make a $150,000 gift to benefit FHU students. 

As one of the projects participating in the FHU Challenge, the FHU Associates are raising money for the Associates Endowed Scholarship, and are providing an opportunity to honor an Inspiring Woman in your life. 

We all have a mother, grandmother, daughter, Bible school teacher, educator, etc. who has played an important role in our lives and inspired us in faith, in service, in hospitality, and in many other ways. Your gift will both honor an Inspiring Woman and, in return, inspire up-and-coming women who are our FHU students and scholarship recipients; imagine how they can inspire others throughout their lives! (A special acknowledgment of your gift will be sent to the Inspiring Woman of your choice.)

To help meet the FHU Challenge and provide more financial assistance to female students, we as the FHU Associates are asking 75 donors to support this scholarship. Will you make a gift today? 

And today, not only does your gift help this project, your gift will move us forward in the FHU Challenge, which can benefit all FHU students!



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18% Parents

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24% Faculty/Staff

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18% Friends

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Celine Sparks
Ethan McLaughlin
Robin Hulen
Rhonda Thompson
Dawn Bramblett
Conita S Fader
Katherine Bates Bennett
Vicki Hilliard
Rachel Bloomingburg
Bonny Moore
Kira Jones
Tom Childers
Jennifer Crill
Stephanie Higgins
Rebecca T Davis
Alice C. Moore
Chris Gann
Karen C Boggess
Brenda L. Knight
John and Debbie McLaughlin
Martha Sweeney
Kenneth R Golson, Sr
Lynne H Golson
John McLaughlin
Elizabeth L Harris
Melinda Rudder
Lynne Moore
Sandra Moore
Martha Alls
Debra Bloomingburg
Cindy Harper
Heather Turner
Lacie Haynes
Adam Cross
Monica Hayes
Diane Smith
Kim Powers

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