FCS Season of Giving 2021

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This campaign ended on December 31, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Fredericksburg Christian School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorGLMG & Hunter Greenlaw & Don Leake matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorKrissy Donahoe & Noland Donahoe matched $3,000

An Anonymous DonorFredericksburg Implant & Oral Surgery Associates & Drs. Keith & Keri Izadi matched $3,000

An Anonymous DonorThomas and Diane Carnahan matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorHarry's Alehouse & Doug & Joey Welsh matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorBob and Teresa Kamm matched $25,000

Join us for our Season of Giving!

Last year, we were amazed at your generosity!

With all of the unexpected expenses that COVID created, it could have caused financial hardships here at FCS but instead, because of YOU, we were able to continue to provide an excellent Christian education for our students. This year, we’ve been able to offer new courses, expand our classroom spaces, hire new faculty and staff, and even create more experiences for your students and an additional 250 new students!

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, students, faculty, staff, and friends are coming together to kick off the end of year season of giving campaign by making a gift to FCS on Giving Tuesday. Last year, we raised $96,570 from 226 donors. This year, we’re aiming even higher with a goal of $100,000!


Thank you to TIVC for their generous gift to FCS.
“TIVC is very thankful for FCS and the community it inspires. FCS is the framework about which the truth of God’s foundation is laid in young lives. Year by year, the staff, administration, and faculty of FCS positively impact the trajectory of countless lives for the glory of God. Their sacrifice and devotion to the students, and the institution itself that is FCS, must be supported, preserved, and expanded. We are humbled and grateful to do a small part to support the mission of FCS to educate and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

187 days ago by Suzie Medina
$3,000 Donahoe Family Match Gift is LIVE!

 "As the admissions director, I am blessed to be able to work with families who are seeking the type of Christian environment that FCS offers. They want their children to have the opportunity to grow as scholars, and in their relationships with Christ. My husband and I see just how much our own children benefit from being at FCS. The annual fund helps ensure this type of education stays affordable for our current families and for the families to come. We hope other families will join us in supporting this vision." 

Krissy Donahoe

FCS Admissions Director

200 days ago by Suzie Medina
$2,500 GLMG Match Gift is LIVE! Advocate-Exclusive

205 days ago by Suzie Medina
$750 Left to be Matched! Advocate-Exclusive

$750 left to be matched by a generous donation from Fredericksburg Implant & Oral Surgery Associates!

207 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wood!

Thank you Bob and Pat Wood,

FCS Grandparents to Kate, Trip, and Connor Blalock.

Thank you for your generous gift to FCS this year!

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Powell Family!

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Bywaters Family!

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Swanson Family!

"FCS has been a tremendous blessing to our entire family. We appreciate this opportunity for our children and appreciate everyone that plays a part in supporting and educating our community. We truly love you all!"

Joshua and Melissa Swanson

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Tidwell Family for your gift!

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
$3,000 Match Gift is Live!

TODAY, Fredericksburg Implant & Oral Surgery Associates is offering a $3,000 matching gift to the FCS Season of Giving End of Year Campaign! Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

Thank you Izadi family for your support of FCS!

209 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Estep Family for your gift!

"We want to say thank you, educators and staff, for all of your hard work and dedication! We are grateful for how the teachers inspire our kids to be kind Christian “human beings” and strong academically! We are grateful for the relationships they are building, for the memories they will share for a lifetime, and for all those special moments they come home telling us about – and allowing us a front row seat to their joy!"

Thank you, Estep Family

212 days ago by Suzie Medina
$5,000 Harry’s Match Gift is LIVE!

TODAY, Harry's is offering a $5,000 matching gift to the FCS Season of Giving End of Year Campaign! Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

Thank you Welsh Family for your support of FCS!

212 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Trible Family!

"This is our first year at FCS, and our youngest two children attend the Lower School and the Upper School. We gave to FCS because we have been so grateful for the Christian foundation that FCS has given. Following the pandemic closures, which kept them from full-time school and from church, we found each of them unsettled and, to us, unsteady in their academics. By focusing classes and weeks around Christian studies, FCS has helped return to them their sense of purpose. With that basis, both of them have returned to working hard in their subjects, and are proud of themselves for keeping up with FCS's strong academic program. We are also grateful that our high schooler could play basketball this winter as a Lady Eagle, and look forward to sports camp for our 4th grader next summer!"

Trible Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Dianda Family!

"During my time at FCS, athletics were such a large part of my daily life. My husband and I feel so blessed to be able to send our boys as well! They love sports and being active, it's exciting to be able to support those specific programs that impacted my life so much that will now also impact my childrens. We love FCS and are so thankful for everyone there who serves our family!"
Micah Dianda

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Blalock Family!

Thank you to the Blalock Family: Tom, Lauren, Kate (9th Grade), Trip (7th Grade) & Connor (5th Grade).

Proud Supporters of FCS !!!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you to the Catlett family for your donation!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Kennedy Family!

"The joy and happiness I hear from my daughter after every school day is a blessing. I appreciate all the staff and teachers that teach and grow the future generations."

Kennedy family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina

You are amazing - $75,330 in 1 Day!  

Over 75% to our goal!

Thank you!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you for your gift Almy Family!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Morris Family for giving today!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Sayre Family!

"We are very happy with the mission FCS is fulfilling by educating young people in this area with a Biblical perspective. We want to see that work continue and grow."

Sayre Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Shaffer Family!

"We are grateful that we were able to join the FCS family this year! A Christ-centered education was very important for our family and we can see how much the teachers and staff are pouring into our kids everyday!"

Shaffer Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
In Memory of Evan Huber

FCS Alumni, George and Jack Fisher gave today in memory of their friend and fellow FCS graduate, Evan Huber. They designated their gift to athletics which honors Evan's talents as an athlete during his time at FCS.

Thank you George and Jack for remembering your friend, Evan.

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Campbell Family!

“We are so grateful for the ministry of FCS. The teachers and staff truly love, encourage, and support our children. FCS is not only preparing them academically but also to be strong and confident Christian leaders. Thank you FCS.”

Campbell family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Boyer Family!

"We are very thankful for the dedicated teachers & staff, the great academics & the fantastic Christian atmosphere at Fredericksburg Christian School. Thank you FCS."

Chuck & Becky Boyer

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Weadon Family!

Thank you Weadon family for your gift and the many ways you support FCS!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Singley Family!

"We give to FCS because their mission helps our kids to understand who they are from a biblical standpoint and trains them to impact the world with the gospel of Christ."

Singley family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Dahlberg Family!

Thank you to Mark and Carolyn (Woehrle) Dahlberg for their contribution to our Season of Giving campaign!

Carolyn ('99) is an alumna of Fredericksburg Christian School and their three daughters attend currently.

Thank you Dahlberg family!

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Braun Family!

"We are so thankful to partner with FCS. Investing in FCS has a lasting impact that will not only impact our future by educating future leaders, but ultimately will make an eternal difference by leading and encouraging students to be Champions for Christ!"

Braun Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Kennedys for cheering us on!

"We give to FCS to further their mission out of appreciation for the entire staff and their calling. Their is no better school is this area.

We give to the Athletic Fund because it can sometimes be overlooked what goes into providing young athletes with various equipment, uniforms, Friday Night Lights....an overall experience. We believe in the programs and the heart and soul of those that run it."

Kennedy Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Clore Family!

"We are so thrilled with FCS and the children are also. Covid has impacted the world in so many negative ways, however, this was a positive outcome for these two precious grandchildren and FCS has made a huge difference in their educational and spiritual experience. We appreciate their opportunity to be students at the school."

Clore Family

214 days ago by Suzie Medina
$5,000 Carnahan Family Match Gift is LIVE

"We are fully committed to Christian education in our culture today and want to do all we can to support it."

Mrs. Carnahan retired last year from Immanuel Christian School (ICS) where she worked in admissions and administration for 25 years. All of their grandchildren attended ICS at some point but now FCS has a few of their grandchildren here since they moved to Fredericksburg.

A Christian school education is near and dear to the Carnahan family which is why they are offering a $5,000 match gift. They are encouraging other grandparents to give as well! 

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Mrs. Skinner

"I believe in the ministry of FCS. I believe in teaching children the truth of God's Word and how that impacts everything -- what we think, say, & do. There just isn't anything more important that we can do for the next generation than to teach them the Gospel Truth. Academics come second."

Sharee Skinner Lower School Librarian

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Kennedy Family!

"About 6 years ago we were blessed with the opportunity to send our kids to FCS. At that time our two oldest children transitioned from public school and simply put, saying they thrived is an understatement. The Christian environment and learning experience was life changing. Our youngest child has attended since kindergarten. We are so grateful to God for the FCS community and honored to be a part of it."

The Kennedy Family

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Mrs. Stanley!

Everyone at FCS knows and loves Marie Stanley!

What you may not know is that Marie has faithfully served at FCS for over 35 years, first as a volunteer and then as a staff member.

Marie says, "I give today in loving memory and in honor of Gary and Andy Foss. They had a calling and vision from God to start Fredericksburg Christian School in 1979 and were faithful to serve with excellence. Gary and Andy were a couple who loved the Lord, loved their staff, and loved each student. They walked with grace, humility, compassion and integrity and are dearly missed by all who knew them. I am so thankful for the legacy that continues today at FCS."

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
$10,100 Left to be Matched!

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Liddy Family for your gift!

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you FCS alum, Julia McAvinney

Julia McAvinney (1995) wants to honor her parents, Bill and Ginny McAvinney for the many sacrifices they made, including moving across states, to send all four of their daughters to Fredericksburg Christian School. Julia shares, the experiences and foundation she received at FCS have prepared her with a solid Christian worldview, for which she is eternally grateful.

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Bardwell Family!

"When relocating to Fredericksburg in 2020, finding a great school for our daughter, Ana, was a top priority. We are so thankful that we were led to FCS. From the moment of reading the following statement on the website, we knew FCS was the right school for Ana. The words, "Raising Christian leaders in an atmosphere of academic and spiritual excellence" and "We serve in partnership with parents" spoke to our hearts. Then, after reading the "Statement of Faith" it confirmed our need to visit and we are so pleased with our decision to have Ana attend FCS. Our family has experienced God's grace in so many ways and bringing us to FCS was just one more of his blessings. Ana is so happy here and I couldn't be any more pleased with the faith filled workplace. Daily, you feel our creator's presence and see his word in the actions of everyone here. Giving back to FCS is an easy decision when you consider all that FCS gives our children. I hope all parents agree with us and will consider giving to our amazing school!"

Bardwell Family

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Business Owners - Match Day Sponsorship Available!

We are so excited to have the following Businesses Sign Up to be Match Sponsors during our Season of Giving:

Harry's Alehouse
Fredericksburg Implant & Oral Surgery Associates

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Jan Duffy!

Jan gives in honor and memory of her husband, Bob Duffy, who served for years on the FCS board.

She says she gives , "because of all the years they have loved FCS. The school family has blessed my family by training our children and now my grandchildren!"

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Scott Family!

"The love and foundation of faith that FCS teachers, coaches and administration have instilled in my children have helped our family thrive during some of the toughest times of our lives. We give in hopes to bless other families the way we have been blessed by FCS."

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Marshall Family!

"Our family has been truly thankful and blessed that the Lord sent us to FCS 20 years ago. We graduated our last of four in 2021. Christian education has proven to truly be a large part in our family's walk with the Lord. Even when the finances got tight, the Lord mad sure we were provided with the means to continue to be ministered to by the FCS staff family. In today's society, it is even more important to teach our children the Word every day. We were confident that when we dropped our children at school, they were surrounded by the Lord's people and His hand was upon them.

I get the privilege of being on staff and have truly felt that the staff at FCS is not only family, but sisters and brothers in Christ. Thank you FCS and our founders for always being there for our family. We love all of you."

Kim Marshall

(Her 4 FCS alumni children pictured)

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you Williams Family!

Jamie and Susannah (McAvinney) Williams, both from the class of 2003 choose to donate today in honor of Superintendent Rick Yost's years of service to Fredericksburg Christian School. Rick's years of service as superintendent bridged the gap between their high school years and their children's elementary school years at FCS! They are so thankful for his steadfastness in the role God has placed him in.

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
Thank you to Mrs. Jensen and her husband, Drew

"My husband and I strongly believe in the mission of the school and the light it is in our community and culture."

215 days ago by Suzie Medina
$25,000 Matching Gift is LIVE!

221 days ago by Suzie Medina

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