FA Day of Giving & Alumni Class Challenge

This campaign ended on May 05, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Foxcroft Academy by clicking here!

Help us celebrate Foxcroft Academy on our Annual FA DAY OF GIVING!

This year as a part of our FA DAY OF GIVING, we are challenging all classes to raise the total amount of their class year! For example the class of 1995 would need to raise $1,995.00 which would mean that each classmate for that class would need to donate a small portion of that amount based on how many classmates are in your class.

The class who reaches their goal first will each receive a PRIZE and a PONY PASS which allows free attendance to all alumni weekend events this summer!

The class that raises the most will receive the Pony Race Trophy which will be engraved and displayed at FA, additionally each class donor will receive a PRIZE and PONY PASS!

The winners will be announced on our FA Day of Giving on May 4th!

If you would like your class gift to also count towards our FA Day of 

Giving, you can make your donation on May 4th!

 Giving has never felt so good!!

~Join the Pony Race!

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1956 1$50
1957 1$50
1958 1$150
1961 3$300
1963 1$100
1964 1$50
1965 3$200
1967 1$50
1968 1$250
1969 1$25
1972 1$100
1974 1$100
1975 1$50
1977 9$430
1982 4$1,110
1983 1$10
1986 1$20
1987 3$73
1988 3$145
1989 2$500
1991 2$125
1994 1$100
1995 2$250
2003 1$200
2005 1$100
2006 2$125
2007 1$25
2012 1$50
2015 1$25
2017 2$35
2018 2$25

Donor affiliations

57% Alumni

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7% Parents

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9% Faculty/Staff

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2% Friends

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Donor list

Amy Qiu
Kristen A. Gurall & Bruce
Joel D. Greenleaf
Faye Donovan
Laura Reed & Todd Reed
Mike Dugay
Zachary Lamb
Megan Ryder
Jeffrey B Glover
Rebecca Foreman Janjic & Rebecca and Aleks Janjic
Royce Albert
Melissa MacAlister
Lucy McDermott
Jason W Frederick
Michael J Pingree
Gary W. Worthing & Jane L. Worthing
Margaret Loring
Mary-Ellen Eastman
Brett Almasi
Brenda Rollins & Brenda
Katie M Pushor
Kerry King & Randy King
Pamela Parsons
Terry Chase
James MacomberJames Macomber photo
William G. Glover, Jr.
Dave & Louise
Melinda M. Wentworth
Sharon Dauphinee
Dr. Kelly Larson-Brunner
Leandra Ames
Celeste B. Hyer
Ralph Gabarro & Dorothy
Cathy Hall & Clair HallCathy Hall photo
Shirleen S Vainio & Foxcroft
Peter Culley
William C Bisbee & Elaine Bisbee

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