IPED 40 at 40 Endowment Fund

This campaign ended on April 21, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Fordham University by clicking here!

Fordham IPED 40 at 40: Support for the IPED Endowment Fund  

Fordham University’s Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (Fordham IPED) is celebrating its 40th year! Fordham IPED was founded in 1979, with a grant from President Carter’s Department of Education, to prepare future leaders for careers in global economic relations and international development. In our 40th year, we celebrate our graduates who have distinguished themselves in their own fields. We also celebrate the drive to pursue excellence among IPED students as they prepare for their future.

This year, we are launching the 40 at 40 campaign to raise $40,000 for IPED’s endowment fund. The IPED endowment fund enables our students to pursue internships and language immersion programs which provide alternative learning experiences to support their career goal of becoming global changemakers. Your contribution to IPED’s endowment fund will go a long to support IPED’s mission.

US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2014 4$650
2015 4$615
2017 7$435
2013 4$320
2018 3$240
2019 5$183
2008 3$180
2016 3$150
2010 5$145
2005 1$100
2003 1$100
1983 1$100
2012 2$100
2009 1$100
2020 6$91
2007 2$70
2001 1$50

Donor affiliations

60% Alumni

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8% Students

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2% Parents

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8% Faculty/Staff

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8% Friends

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Donor list

Thomas Zuber
Edward T Barbini
Nathan Birhanu & Nathan
Tish Harrison
Crisostomo Ala
Joshua Voges
Michelle Weisse Trueheart & Benjamin Trueheart
Ean Tierney
Tyler Falish
Patrick Slutter
Donovan Hotz
Luke Figueroa
Darryl McLeod
Katarzyna Platt
Luther Flagstad
Carmella Oliveros
Brian Harper
Jaclyn Lourdes Yap
Jeremy Wierenga
Gurpreet Singh
Elizabeth Parr
Matthew Gembecki
Kathryn McCann
Jorge Vargas
Thelma Reyes
Alla Khodykina
Darryl Mcleod
Alma Schwalbenberg
Kristine Kintanar
Daina Ruback
Paul Michael & Kimi Michael
PJ Johnson
Marie Mortel
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