EHS Reunion Rally 2019

This campaign ended on June 05, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Episcopal High School by clicking here!

Episcopal Reunion is coming up on June 7-9, and all Reunion classes are competing for the highest Roll Call participation leading up to the big weekend! Recognition and prizes will go to the Reunion Class with the highest overall participation and to the classes with the highest participation among each era.


Hershey Era Classes: 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014

Ainslie Era Classes: 1984, 1989, 1994

Hoxton Era Classes: 1969, 1974, 1978, 1979

Thomsen Era Classes: 1953, 1954, 1959, 1964

Please help us reach our goal to have 500+ donors from our Reunion classes by donating and spreading the word! The collective support of our alumni empowers Episcopal faculty and staff to provide amazing opportunities for today's students, and every donation counts. 

Click over to the "Donors" tab to check out the Reunion Class Leaderboard! 

Making plans for Reunion Weekend? View the schedule, see who's registered, and register yourself at

Reunion Class Leaderboard

The Reunion Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
2014 48$3,30011342.5%
2009 42$5,4449643.8%
1999 37$9,4608742.5%
1984 36$62,1957250.0%
2004 35$7,2799337.6%
1964 33$14,5006055.0%
1979 30$25,1204763.8%
1959 29$19,8653778.4%
1954 29$37,2583485.3%
1994 27$29,1357834.6%
1969 27$12,9604856.3%
1989 26$25,7005745.6%
1978 22$10,2594153.7%
1974 19$14,4754047.5%
1953 17$14,5682470.8%
2018 1$1005000.2%
2012 1$155000.2%

Donor affiliations

100% Alumni

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Donor list

James C Lanign
James Barkley
Richard M. Merrill
Mike Lewis
Mary White Martin
Katharine Ragsdale
Claire Channell
Emily Marzock
Holden Shearin
Charles E Corley IV
Callie Nelson
Frederick Davis Poisson
Hugh K Wachter
Robert Moore
Darrell Jervey
Alexander G Drago
Jonathan R. Bryan
George A Harrison
Nadia Odai-Afotey
Ravenel Richardson
Marsh Pierce
Nicholas Stewart
Olivia Vietor
Harry L. Lawson
Jackson P. Neagli
Wiley Grandy
Lauren M. Marshall
Alec Bounds
J. Bohannon Mason, MD
Peter Bradley White
Annalee Walton
Buist Rivers, III
Ashby Brunson Mims
Mack Johnston
Harrison Clement
T. Ladson Webb, Jr.
William L. Lewis
Pratt Lewis

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