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Molten salt technology holds immense potential in various fields. Establishing this test stand will provide a dedicated platform for research and development not only for the team, but also future senior projects serving as an invaluable educational tool, offering students hands-on experience in new nuclear and energy storage technologies. Furthermore, this practical exposure will inspire the next generation of engineers and prepare them for careers in these emerging fields.

The Saltworx Capstone Team came together with the goal of creating new solutions for molten salt testing, aiming to address the issues associated with pump cavitation and the freezing of material within extraneous gas lines. The team is interested in the development of molten salt technology due to its novel heat transfer characteristics. These traits allow for the safe and efficient generation of energy, ultimately enabling the decarbonization of the atmosphere.

Capstone projects within the university all adhere to a standard two-semester duration. The team is currently in the first semester, which spans several earlier tasks from the engineering design process. The project started with the formation of their problem statement. From there, they began writing a preliminary set of requirements, conducting a literature review, and creating a conceptual design. With that, they move to their current state; determining design specifications that outline quantifiable metrics the system must accomplish.

After specifications are created, the team will transition efforts to focus on a Preliminary Design Review, which will be presented at the end of the fall semester. Once this stage is complete, they will transition into the Spring semester, which has one primary outcome — that being their Critical Design Review. This presentation will be their opportunity to present their finalized design, manufactured system, and testing results. They aim to validate the success of their system by manufacturing and testing the physical system to ensure that it achieves the quantifiable metrics outlined by the specifications.

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