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This campaign ended on December 31, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University by clicking here!

The Embry-Riddle Orbital Research Association is ERAU Daytona's first ever undergraduate, student-led satellite development organization. Through ERORA, we will give students industry-applicable experience in satellite and ground station development, testing, and operations, as well as experimental research experience. ERORA's first project is Project Hermes, a 2U CubeSat. Project Hermes is broken up into 4 main teams:

  1. Ground Station Team: The Ground Station Team will be developing and operating a ground station for the tracking of the CubeSat as well as communications with the CubeSat.
  2. CubeSat Team: The CubeSat Team will be developing, testing, and launching a 2U CubeSat (A "U" is classified as a 10x10x10cm cube).
  3. Experiments Team: The Experiments Team will be performing in-orbit experimental research into radiation protection using various materials, space debris tracking, and an experimental ion thruster. These experiments will fly on the CubeSat.
  4. Administrative Team: The Administrative Team will be responsible for all the paperwork and legal stuff that is required for the project to be successful. This includes following all standards and policies, as well as acquiring licenses and contracts.
2U CubeSat
(This is an example of a 2U CubeSat)

This project will not only benefit students and the university as a whole, but the world as well. The research we will be doing will be able to be applied industry-wide.

By donating to this organization, you are giving us the ability to make this dream come true, and give students more opportunities where there were none before. 

If we are able to reach out goal of $12,500, we will be able to fully fund the entire CubeSat.

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