These Kids Can Change The World: A Burke Community Day of Giving

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What a joy and relief it has been to kick off this school year here at Burke! The halls are abuzz with the energy of students reconnecting with their friends and teachers and forging new friendships and connections. Both students and adults are excited and relieved to experience what feels like a more "typical" school year than we've all had in quite some time.

Though we've begun this new year on a fresh and happy note, it is impossible not to acknowledge how challenging the last few years have been - the social unrest in our country, the impact of the pandemic on all of us, and the events of April 22 - one of the most difficult moments this community has ever faced.

But, when I look around Burke, I feel hope.

As I walk Burke's campus, I see incredible beauty, joy, and passion bubbling to the surface of our community. I see children who are accepted for exactly who they are, who are seen and valued as unique individuals, and who are cared for by one another and the adults around them. I see learners who are given power and responsibility, who are creative and critical thinkers. 

I see compassionate, socially-responsible young people who have the tools to be change-makers when they see injustice. 

It's clear to me that these kids can change the world.

As I've become better acquainted with the greater Burke community, it has become clear to me that it is no accident that Burke is so special. Burke was founded with an innovative vision that was egalitarian, democratic, participatory, and was committed to social justice well before it was trendy. Over half a century later, Burke's practiced and passionate teachers prioritize these ideals, while providing challenging academics, offering excellent arts and athletics, dedicating themselves to our exceptional advisory program, centering social and emotional health and well-being, and ensuring that every member of our diverse community has a voice.

Your support will give Burke kids the foundation to positively change the world around them!


Steve McManus
Head of School

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Help us reach 250 donors in 24 hours to 

provide critical support to the Annual Fund! 

The Annual Fund supports all areas of programing - increased financial aid needs of current families, emerging needs for technology, health and safety measures, social-emotional health programing, and professional development. And, during unprecedented times like those we've lived through, give us the flexibility to respond to immediate and emerging needs. 

We know that some members of our community have already made a gift this year to the Annual Fund - thank you! We invite you to consider an additional participatory contribution today to help us unlock our challenges!

We can't do it without you! This work remains possible only because the Burke community so generously supports the school's Annual Fund. 

Please stand with us today in support of Burke's students, faculty & staff, and programs. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

What else can I do to help?

  • Spread the word! Ask your fellow class parents, classmates, peers, friends, and family to join you in standing with Team Burke. Click here to learn more and get started.
  • ✔️Sign up to be an advocate by clicking the "Advocates" tab above.

  • 🤝Offer a Match (or Challenge): Leverage your gift and encourage others to give via a match or challenge. Consider restricting your match or challenge by your class year, affiliation, an area of support, or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes. Questions? Contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Jennifer Rawlings: 
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Goal achieved! But what do you say we go further?

THANK YOU! We reached our goal - but that's not all...

Thanks to great late-afternoon results, we have now exceeded our 250 donor goal, locking in a $25,000 gift from Kira Swencki and Mike Mihalke P'22. We have also met several goals, we have made great progress on others, and a parent of an alum has just called in to make another $25,000 gift!
We are incredibly grateful to all who made this possible – thank you so very much.
... Does that mean the day is done? Not quite!
Dawn Chism P'24, P'21 generously has offered to donate an additional $10,000 should we make it all the way to 300 gifts by midnight. It's a stretch goal, but one we can certainly make with your help!
The following matches and challenges also still need your support to be unlocked by midnight:

  • Class of 2023 Parents: needs 16 additional donors
  • Class of 2024 Parents: needs 11 additional donors
  • Class of 2025 Parents: needs 8 additional donors
  • Class of 2026 Parents: needs 14 additional donors
  • Overall Alumni Challenge: needs 16 additional donors
  • Class of 2022 Alumni: needs 8 additional donors
  • Alumni (1980-1989): needs 6 additional donors
  • Grandparents: needs 8 additional donors

Looking for some evening inspiration?

Listen to our students' ambitions and ideas for changing the world:

112 days ago by Kate Maskarinec
Hello From Burke!

Live from Burke...Steve and all of the students, faculty, and staff at Burke wish you a very happy Day of Giving and thank you for your support! 

112 days ago by Kate Maskarinec
A Third of the Way There!

The Burke Bengal is delighted that we're one-third of the way to our goal at about the halfway point in our day!

Yet - additional challenges remain! Each class, along with alumni, grandparents, and past parents, have an opportunity to unlock additional gifts through the challenges listed here on our page. Check them out!

112 days ago by Kate Maskarinec
Donut Challenge Unlocked!

Thank you to the over 50 donors who rallied to make an early contribution to the Day of Giving before midnight last night. Thanks to you, the whole school was treated to a super sweet breakfast treat! What a way to start the day! 

112 days ago by Kate Maskarinec

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