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This campaign ends on December 31 at 04:49PM EST

Edinboro University student-athletes strive every day to make their dreams a reality, pushing themselves to become successful educators, artists, scientists, health professionals and so much more all while making every effort to become champions on the court and field. You can make a difference in their lives by donating to Edinboro Athletics – 100% of your gift will go directly to support Edinboro Athletics’ Fighting Scots Fund for student-athlete scholarships or the specific sport of your choice.

While at Edinboro University, student-athletes grow a tremendous amount and are afforded many opportunities that would have otherwise not been possible without generous donations. We continue to have numerous high quality student-athletes who continue to proudly represent us both on the playing fields and in the classroom. The grade point average for the Athletic Department is over a 3.0 with a 6-year graduation rate of almost 78%, both significantly above the NCAA DII student population.

We had an anonymous donor that matched up to the first $5,000. A second anonymous donor has now offered to match the next $2,500 donated to the Fighting Scots Fund. 

We invite you to make a heartfelt commitment to our students, and we encourage you to come out and support our student-athletes at a game or match! You can follow Edinboro Athletics and all of our teams on the Fighting Scot website:, Twitter: @BoroAthletics, and Facebook: Edinboro University Athletics.

Designation Leaderboard

Cross-Country - Men's 5$15,300
Cross-Country - Women's 1$5,000
Wrestling 46$4,630
Basketball - Women's 13$1,315
Fighting Scots Fund (Donations are being matched!)8$1,150
Cross-Country & Track - Men's 2$550
Cross-Country & Track - Both Men and Women's 5$497
Soccer - Women's 4$360
Football 4$350
Volleyball - Women's 5$210
Lacrosse - Women's 3$210
Swimming - Women's 2$200
Cross-Country & Track - Women's 2$100
Other 1$100
Cheerleading 2$35
Softball - Women's 1$25
Tennis - Men's 1$25
Tennis - Women's 1$10
Tennis - Both Men and Women's 1$5
Basketball - Men's (Donations are being matched!)1$0
Wheelchair Basketball 0$0
Swimming - Both Men and Women's 0$0
Swimming - Men's 0$0
Track - Women's 0$0
Track - Men's 0$0

Donor affiliations

34% Alumni

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20% Students

Show Student

20% Parents

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18% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/staff

22% Friends

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Donor list

Jill Cuccia
Frank T. Bowser
Daniel J. Meier
Lucille Binotto
Briana Huffman
Deb & Mike Thompson
Robbie Lowther
Jason M Roscoe
Sean Seibert
Brian Granata
Jennifer Benkelman
Amy Conforte
Michael Tonkin
Jennie Wheeler
Robert S Kozlowski
Ricky Sapp
Katherine R RobbinsKatherine R Robbins photo
Kristin WebberKristin Webber photo
Michael R McLaughlin
The Lella Family
Kevin & Sandy Rowlands
Kenneth C. Leuer
Janet Papiernik
Joanne&George Rennie
Ed Rawlins
Bryan Ransom
Kimberly kelly
Joyce Maziarz
Martha Jane (Oelschlager '70 &'72) Kirschling
Arick Shankles
Chuck Scalise
Jeannette RizzutoJeannette Rizzuto photo
Bruce Baumgartner
Sally Leuer
Kelly Tielsch
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Just for Basketball - Men's

Todd Jay is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $100 for the next 14 days

Just for Fighting Scots Fund

Anonymous is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $2,500 for the next 14 days
Only the next $2,075 will be matched!

Anonymous matched $5,000
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