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This campaign ended on March 01, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania by clicking here!

Edinboro University student-athletes strive every day to make their dreams a reality, pushing themselves to become successful educators, artists, scientists, health professionals and so much more all while making every effort to become champions on the court and field. You can make a difference in their lives by donating to Edinboro Athletics – 100% of your gift will go directly to support Edinboro Athletics’ Fighting Scots Fund for student-athlete scholarships or the specific sport of your choice.

While at Edinboro University, student-athletes grow a tremendous amount and are afforded many opportunities that would have otherwise not been possible without generous donations. We continue to have numerous high quality student-athletes who continue to proudly represent us both on the playing fields and in the classroom. The grade point average for the Athletic Department is over a 3.0 with a 6-year graduation rate of almost 78%, both significantly above the NCAA DII student population.

We had an anonymous donor that matched up to the first $5,000. A second anonymous donor has now offered to match the next $2,500 donated to the Fighting Scots Fund. 

We invite you to make a heartfelt commitment to our students, and we encourage you to come out and support our student-athletes at a game or match! You can follow Edinboro Athletics and all of our teams on the Fighting Scot website:, Twitter: @BoroAthletics, and Facebook: Edinboro University Athletics.



Designation Leaderboard

Cross-Country - Men's 6$17,300
Wrestling 55$6,790
Cross-Country - Women's 1$5,000
Fighting Scots Fund 11$3,450
Football 12$1,745
Cross-Country & Track - Both Men and Women's 6$1,497
Basketball - Women's 15$1,465
Wheelchair Basketball 9$1,075
Cross-Country & Track - Men's 4$750
Basketball - Men's 8$650
Volleyball - Women's 15$520
Soccer - Women's 5$510
Cheerleading 4$235
Lacrosse - Women's 3$210
Swimming - Women's 2$200
Tennis - Men's 3$175
Cross-Country & Track - Women's 2$100
Other 1$100
Swimming - Both Men and Women's 1$100
Softball - Women's 3$95
Track - Men's 4$75
Swimming - Men's 2$75
Tennis - Women's 1$10
Tennis - Both Men and Women's 1$5
Track - Women's 0$0

Donor affiliations

41% Alumni

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12% Students

Show Students

20% Parents

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15% Faculty/Staff

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20% Friends

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Donor list

Sherry Winner
Jon MurphyJon Murphy photo
Bradley/Mica Hoffman
Joseph T Craddock
John Walker
Jawara & Kristen Love
Kent Wolf
Lacina Family
Patrick Logue
Danielle S. LodanoskyDanielle S. Lodanosky photo
Edward A Bishop
Kristin Saleh
Dominick Masciantonio
Bill and Lonnie Oliver
Amanda Riley
William Matuscak
Tarrell LEIGH Ries
Richard A Gilston
Megan Osysko
Michele Hadel Thomas
James Krentz
Karen Kay Tyler
Ellie Hrunka
Jen Gruber
Gina L. Boothe
Alissa Higgins
Janet R. Necina
William A. Henk
Pat Cleary
Cynthia Lukanec
Kevin Garmong
Raymond A Yeager
Richard Armand LaFerriere
Nick barlette
C. Ivey
Steven Paternostro

Todd Jay matched $100
Gear matched $1,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,575
Anonymous matched $5,000
No Challenges