Senior Gift Society 2018

This campaign ends on May 12 at 10:00AM EDT

Class of 2018, let's leave our legacy!

We're striving for 50% of the class to give $25 or more to join Senior Gift Society. 


Why should you give?

Since 1983, Drew Seniors have supported the University through the Senior Gift Society. 

We owe our present experience to the investment by Drew University alumni. Paying it forward to future students maintains a legacy of generosity and scholarship.

"One day we will look back and realize we can be the reason someone enjoys their experience at Drew University. With a donation, we can make that day today."

 - Engy Gadelmawla C'18, Chair of the Senior Gift Society Committee

What do you support?

You can give to the Annual Fund – meaning your donation will be used to support the areas of greatest need – or designate your gift to the area that made your Drew experience the most meaningful, such as academic programs, scholarships, athletics, or student life.

How much should you give? 

A gift of $25 is the suggested donation level for Senior Gift Society, but gifts of any size are welcomed.

With a donation of $100 or more you become a member of the Drew Society at a pro-rated amount. Drew Society members are the University's top-tier donors and are among Drew's closest friends and leaders.

More information about Senior Gift Society at Drew.

Designation Leaderboard
Other 21$715
Scholarships and Financial Aid 8$255
Annual Fund 6$181
Student Life 4$125
International & Off Campus Programs 3$75
Arts 3$75
Athletics 3$52

Donor affiliations

98% C'18

Show list

Donor list
Britney Stewart
Kathryn Swenor
Samantha Leinberger
Jessica L Gianna
William S Andrews
Madison Couture
Elena Lymbouras
Hayat Abdelal
Kira, R, Scarangella
Kevin Fischer
Kaitlyn fencik
Amye R Follett
Pearl Yea-eun Lee
Zoe Garcia
Jillian A. Griffith
Lauren Mastropierro
R Soares
Tyler J Dorrity
Brielle Haas
Zoe L Coates Fuentes
Gina-Anne Cameron-Turner
Lisa M Rojas
Ally Raulf
Aaron Sartorio
Alize R Martinez
Pooja Patel
Elizabeth M Grein
Blaine Taylor
Chloe B Martins
Engy Gadelmawla
Harold S. Esquivel
Gregory Swenson
Jessica L Gianna
Jennifer N. Stein
Lauren Gonnelli
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