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This campaign ended on April 01, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Delta Phi Epsilon by clicking here!


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DIMES for DPhiE is here! In March we celebrate the incredible members  our founders, mentors, friends, leaders -- who have inspired, supported, and carved a path for DPHIE today. Is there a DPHIE who inspired you to try something new? Who coached you through a challenging time or cheered you on as you broke down barriers? We want to hear your stories and help equip our members with the leadership skills they need to lead in their communities, from the dorm room to the board room across the globe. The next generation of our sisterhood will stand on our shoulders as we are building brighter tomorrows for them


Make a gift of ANY SIZE to the Educational Foundation of DPHIE: Your gift provides mentorship, workshops, training, academic scholarships and additional resources to empower leaders in Delta Phi Epsilon. Your gift equips our members to advocate for themselves and enter the workforce as strong, confident, and prepared voices -- ready to take a seat at any table and continue shattering glass ceilings. 

Share a StoryWhile completing your gift, share a message or story about a sister in DPHIE  i are grateful to know. We'll re-share those messages on this campaign page (along with our own messages in honor of some historic figures in our membership) to honor these amazing people

Amplify: We want to spread the word near and far and give all of our alumnae, parents, friends, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to empower and honor the members in their lives and see all of the incredible messages shared by our community! Here's how to help spread the word and amplify these messages of empowerment! 

  • ✔️ Sign up to be an advocate 
  • 💌 Share, Share, Share: The built-in sharing buttons on the campaign page generate a link that is unique to you. If (and only if!) you share while you're logged in, we can track it and celebrate your impact! Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Message, Email, Phone Call, Carrier Pigeon… The sky’s the limit!
  • 🤝Offer a Match (or Challenge): Leverage your gift and encourage others to give via a match or challenge. Consider restricting your match or challenge by your class year, chapter or association affiliation, or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes 
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 4 TIE✨ 🦄

Kalli believed that advocating for the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation is important because of the resources it gives to our members for personal and professional growth. For Kalli, being an International Leadership Consultant and seeing the dedication of our members to continue their growth through challenging times showcases the strength of our sisterhood. I love being able to share my passion for DPhiE with others!"

241 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 4 TIE✨ 🦄

Ayleen believed it was important to be an advocate because, "The impact my experiences in DPhiE have had on my life cannot be measured. As I meter my 24th year in this sisterhood, I want to contribute in any way I can for other young women to have opportunities for those same experiences! On my 16th year of service to DphiE and specifically Alpha Gamma, I’ve realized I’m in a position to do more, to give back in a different way and at the same time reignite my own flame."

241 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 3 ✨ 🦄

The top weekly fundraiser is our Epsilon Upsilon chapter at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt. We've flown their flag at IHQ for the last 3 weeks. 

Help your chapter get featured next week! #d4d2022 #SistersAlways

248 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Chapter for D4D- Week 3 ✨ 🦄

Help your chapter win for next week! #D4D2022 #SistersAlways

248 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 3 ✨ 🦄

Caty believed it was important to be an advocate because, “The Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation has supported my chapter sisters and sisters across the globe to pursue their dreams. Access to education should not be a limiting factor in a person’s success and the Education Foundation helps to break barriers each and every year. I am proud to be a DPhiE every day, but especially when I see the impact that our philanthropy has on our sisters and our communities!

249 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Happy Founders' Day!!

253 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Chapter for D4D- Week 2 ✨ 🦄

Help your chapter win for next week! #D4D2022 #SistersAlways

255 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 2 ✨ 🦄

Kelly believed it was important to be an advocate because, “I understand the direct impact the Foundation has on our sisters as a past scholarship recipient. Through this scholarship, it opened up doors & opportunities to enhance my journey as a School Leader in NYC. As a scholarship reader, I am able to see the hope that the Foundation can give and inspire the next generation of sisters to reach their dreams. I have seen the power of leadership programming to build capacity and provide women mentorship & a nurturing place to grow.”

255 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Chapter for D4D- Week 1 ✨ 🦄

Help your chapter win for next week! #D4D2022 #SistersAlways

261 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Top Advocate for D4D- Week 1 ✨ 🦄

Kacie believed it was important to be an advocate because, “This year was particularly important for me to prioritize my philanthropic goals. The Alumnae of Epsilon Upsilon came together to create a ‘Health & Wellness Fund’ endowed through the Educational Foundation to help fund future Health & Wellness initiatives for all members of the organization into the future. By being an advocate this year, I’m trying to reach as many of my EY sisters as possible. Both to reconnect and to be part of making this milestone happen.”

263 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Head to DISNEY with DPhiE (for free)!

Caught your attention? There are 5 opportunities this month to get a free registration + hotel room for International Leadership Forum (aka DPhiE Convention) taking place this summer.

Want to learn more? We invite you to our live webinar session to meet a few new sister-friends and hear our team leader, Andrea Patton, Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University, Class of 2011, explain how it all works.

Join us 9 PM EST.

Click here to register

268 days ago by Jessica Baxter
DIMES for DPhiE Incentives 🏆

Each Week: The person who raises the MOST money 💵 will win a ticket to ILF 2022 in Disney World! 

The chapter with the highest alumnae donation amount 💵 will receive a visit from a board member! 

The chapter with the most alumnae donors 👥 will have their flag flown over IHQ! After it is flown, it will be mailed to the chapter. 

Check back weekly for the winners :) 

268 days ago by Jessica Baxter
Thank you Advocates! Advocate-Exclusive

Thank you for your support during DIMES for DPhiE!  Your support has had a tremendous impact in one day!  

268 days ago by Jessica Baxter

Donor Maps
Designation Leaderboard
ChapterDonors$ Raised
Alpha Gamma27$18,499
Epsilon Upsilon14$11,248
Beta Tau7$9,395
Delta Pi20$8,090
Phi Tau7$5,887
Delta Upsilon2$4,290
Gamma Beta2$4,125
Delta Nu2$3,775
Delta Xi1$3,700
Zeta Iota4$3,525
Alpha Epsilon2$3,383
Beta Mu3$3,228
Alpha Upsilon6$3,066
Epsilon Rho3$2,875
Beta Xi1$2,520
Alpha Delta1$2,450
Phi Phi5$2,440
Gamma Alpha7$2,426
Gamma Sigma1$2,425
Gamma Eta2$2,245
Epsilon Iota4$2,177
Delta Sigma2$2,000
Phi Lambda1$1,975
Alpha Eta5$1,940
Epsilon Gamma2$1,775
Epsilon Zeta9$1,754
Alpha Alpha4$1,731
Gamma Gamma5$1,722
Epsilon Phi0$1,700
Phi Pi3$1,551
Gamma Omega1$1,550
Delta Epsilon45$1,538
Beta Chi22$1,535
Alpha Mu3$1,495
Beta Theta36$1,480
Zeta Theta2$1,461
Delta Eta4$1,444
Zeta Lambda2$1,381
Beta Beta1$1,375
Phi Psi4$1,367
Zeta Beta1$1,350
Phi Upsilon1$1,275
Beta Eta2$1,250
Gamma Tau20$1,238
Zeta Gamma4$1,150
Gamma Upsilon1$1,125
Alpha Theta1$1,113
Gamma Rho1$1,100
Alpha Rho1$1,005
Gamma Epsilon4$966
Gamma Lambda1$925
Gamma Chi1$875
Epsilon Chi1$875
Gamma Xi5$840
Epsilon Omicron1$755
Gamma Delta2$700
Delta Delta2$675
Gamma Zeta1$650
Alpha Psi3$635
Delta Iota3$570
Delta Kappa6$526
Zeta Zeta1$525
Alpha Pi1$521
Epsilon Mu2$520
Gamma Nu1$475
Beta Phi7$448
Beta Lambda4$420
Epsilon Xi1$370
Gamma Iota2$295
Delta Rho4$261
Beta Zeta1$250
Alpha Kappa1$250
Alpha Tau2$241
Gamma Psi2$218
Alpha Iota1$200
Phi Sigma2$185
Gamma Kappa3$170
Epsilon Kappa1$125
Alpha Chi4$122
Beta Alpha1$120
Delta Lambda1$105
Delta Gamma1$100
Phi Gamma2$96
Phi Chi2$85
Beta Omega4$80
Beta Upsilon1$75
Alpha Phi1$50
Beta Sigma1$43
Gamma Pi1$36
Delta Zeta1$36
Epsilon Delta1$36
Beta Epsilon2$35
Zeta Epsilon1$32
Epsilon Alpha1$19
Phi Eta1$5
Zeta Kappa0$0
Zeta Eta0$0
Zeta Delta0$0
Zeta Alpha0$0
Phi Zeta0$0
Phi Xi0$0
Phi Theta0$0
Phi Rho0$0
Phi Omicron0$0
Phi Omega0$0
Phi Nu0$0
Phi Mu0$0
Phi Kappa0$0
Phi Iota0$0
Phi Epsilon0$0
Phi Delta0$0
Phi Beta0$0
Phi Alpha0$0
Gamma Theta0$0
Gamma Phi0$0
Gamma Omicron0$0
Gamma Mu0$0
Epsilon Theta0$0
Epsilon Tau0$0
Epsilon Sigma0$0
Epsilon Psi0$0
Epsilon Pi0$0
Epsilon Omega0$0
Epsilon Nu0$0
Epsilon Lambda0$0
Epsilon Eta0$0
Epsilon Epsilon0$0
Epsilon Beta0$0
Delta Theta0$0
Delta Tau0$0
Delta Psi0$0
Delta Phi0$0
Delta Omicron0$0
Delta Omega0$0
Delta Mu0$0
Delta Chi0$0
Delta Beta0$0
Delta Alpha0$0
Beta Rho0$0
Beta Psi0$0
Beta Pi0$0
Beta Omicron0$0
Beta Nu0$0
Beta Iota0$0
Beta Gamma0$0
Beta Delta0$0
Alpha Zeta0$0
Alpha Xi0$0
Alpha Sigma0$0
Alpha Omicron0$0
Alpha Omega0$0
Alpha Nu0$0
Alpha Lambda0$0
Alpha Beta0$0
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