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Here's your chance to Stick with Deerfield!

From November 2-11, make a donation to one of five different projects impacting the Deerfield experience for our current students. 

Cutting-edge Science Equipment: $4,500

Tanzania Service Project: $2,000

Athletics Livestreaming: $2,000

Theater Trips: $2,000

Student Feeds: $2,000

Cutting-edge Science Equipment

Deerfield students are eager to explore—and participate in solving—real-world problems, including global warming, food security, and infectious diseases. To succeed, they need excellent teachers and cutting-edge lab equipment. Fortunately, Deerfield has a host of topflight teachers. But cutting-edge equipment? That’s where we need your help. There are certain kinds of gear that we just don’t have, but that would make a huge difference for our student-researchers. 

One example of something we could buy with enough support is a gel documentation system, which scientists can use to detect the presence of a particular gene in a sample. Why do we need something like this? As one DA science teacher said, “gel analysis is among the most fundamental modern biological lab techniques available today, and it’s critical that we equip our students with gel analysis skills for college and beyond.” Inspiring students to go into the world with the desire and confidence to change it is among our greatest goals. If you give them the tools, our students will develop the skills. Problem solved.

Tanzania Service Project

During the 2018 March break, 12 Deerfield students will partner with students from the Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC), in Kitongo, to design and implement a service project focusing on JBFC’s mission: refuge for abused and abandoned girls, education, healthcare, and agriculture. This will be the sixth year DA students have travelled to Tanzania and have collaborated with their JBFC peers. Each trip has been both challenging and invigorating, offering profound lessons and opportunities. A goal of the program is for students to return home with the skills and inspiration to make positive changes in their own communities. We are grateful for your support as our students leave the comforts of campus, with open hearts and minds, eager to learn from and help others.

Athletics Livestreaming

For a lot of fans, it’s hard to make the trek to Deerfield to see friends and family competing for the Big Green. To get a sense of the action, they can search Flicker for photos after a game has been played. But there’s nothing like watching a live event—even if you’re miles away. As part of Deerfield’s commitment to athletics, we’re aiming to livestream more games and matches. Not only will it help create a connection between campus and the broader DA community, it will mean a lot to our student-athletes, who feel it when you have their back. Nothing pumps up players or creates school spirit like a home crowd. So let your voice be heard. Tune into your favorite DA team and rally around this effort with a gift today. Go Big Green!

Theater Trips

This past summer, Deerfield students performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. It was a thrilling experience that will stick with them for years. Compared to Scotland, Broadway is a jaunt down Albany Road, but every bit as exciting for young actors, directors, and technicians. To help our students hone their craft through firsthand experience in the wider world—about 100 participate in Deerfield’s award-winning theater program every year we need your help. Please be a part of the action and send our students to places like Broadway or Edinburgh, where they’ll have front-row seats toperformances, rehearsals, and workshop—invaluable opportunities as they gain confidence and develop as artists. 

Student Feeds

As you know from your time here, the feed is a time-honored Deerfield tradition, and plays a big role in life at the Academy. In the fast-paced DA world, this down time on the hall brings students, and teachers, together. It’s a time to share, laugh, tell stories, and relax. From John Louis to John Williams, students gather at the end of a long day, kick back, enjoy each other’s company, and dig in. If dorm life is the distinguishing feature of the boarding school experience,  the feed may be the distinguishing feature of dorm life. With a gift today, you’ll help serve up this hearty DA tradition. 

How do you Stick with Deerfield?

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